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Oh. Excuse me.

Oh, babe, 《Dear John》 is on.
I want to see that.
Oh, it's too girly.
Oh, 300!
So how's your day today?
It's fine.
What did you do yesterday?
Oh my Gosh. You look so nice.
Thank you.
You can just go like this.
You know, jeans. Keep it caj.
Oh my God. I can't get this turn on.
Here. I'll fix it.
And I broke his ankles.
Then I took a straight to the bucket...
And I...yeah!
And I just felt like it sucks.
Cuz Elson won't be there for me,
and I've been there for her...
Which, which one is Elson?
Justin, Elson has long, brown hair.
You met her last week.
I thought that was Amber.
You just have so many friends.
Oh, honey, I can fix it.
Hey, what kind of food does this place serve?
Dude, you got to hang on to the ball!
What are you doing, man?
Who are you texting?
Oh, it's Janine from work.
Oh, what are you guys talking about?
It's work stuff. It's boring. Yeah.
Ha, ha! She's really funny.
You made the reservation, right?
No, Justin, you're supposed to make the reservation.
Ah, I forgot.
Let's just wait.
That's goal! Oh, oh, oh oh!
You know what?
What ever, Justin, what ever, OK?
What's...? What did I even do?
Just, er, just irritating!
Is that time of the month?
It's that time of the month.
I can fix it!
Hey, babe.
I wanna talk to you about what happened last night. I just feel like...
Oh, oh, wait, wait. 《Dear John》's on.
You just said you want to see this?
It's just 2 more hours.
We can watch through out this.
I'm so excited about it'll be just two of us today.
Oh, no. Zack is coming, too.
He's downstairs. Let's go!
So this is Janine. I've been telling you about her.
Hi! Nice to meet you!
She's really cool.
Yeah, I've heard a lot about you, too!
Justin is my wusband. And we're cousband.
J and J, cause like... Janine and......
Yeah, I hear it.
A rap heart, cuz it's easy.
A spit. Cheese.
I'm the true MC. I'm on the streets.
Feel me?
That's what I heard, babe.
I think I can be a rapper


Things Boyfriends Do That Secretly Annoy Their Girlfriends

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