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  • What was l saying about the...

  • (Alicia) An agenda.

  • An agenda, l have an agenda.

  • [sighing]

  • Which is that l have to immediately, um,

  • increase the ad pages here by 20 percent.

  • 20 percent? Carter, only a startup magazine can do that.

  • Yeah, well, l think this team can do it, Dan.

  • Um, how?

  • Well, Morty, basically what we--

  • God, that's an awesome question.

  • ''How?''

  • And the answer

  • is synergy.

  • We need to team up here.

  • Yeah, we need to synchronize

  • and we need to synergize.

  • We're not alone. We're not alone.

  • We're part of one of the biggest multimedia

  • and brand name companies in the known universe, okay?

  • Let's--let's take advantage of that, like, uh...

  • Like...

  • Krispity Krunch.

  • Did anyone know that, uh,

  • one of our sister companies is Krispity Krunch?

  • So?

  • So we talk to our brothers and sisters over at Krispity Krunch.

  • We make a deal where we supply

  • sports factoids to their boxes.

  • So that when Joe Couch Potato is sitting there,

  • he's, uh, snacking, he looks down, and what does he see?

  • Sports AmerĂ­ca Krispity Krunch sports factoids.

  • He's definitely buying more Krispity Krunch

  • and not Krunch 'n Krackle

  • which, by the way, Iooks and tastes exactly the same.

  • But guess what? No sports factoids.

  • And Krispity Krunch is so happy they guarantee us 28 pages a year.

  • Besides which, they know if they don't,

  • Teddy K. is gonna be pissed.

  • What is that? What am l talking about here, people?

  • Synergy.

  • lsn't that cheating?

  • No, no. Hell, no.

  • And, uh, Techline cell phones.

  • We own Techline cell phones.

  • Guess what we put on their browser?

  • Factoids.

  • Yes! Factoids! Synergy!

  • And what else? Uh, box scores. And ads!

  • We make a deal like a 100,OOO hits on the Internet

  • has the equivalent value of one ad page of our hard copy.

  • Are you getting it, people?

  • The magazine has become just a portal

  • to a synergized world of cross-promotion.

  • We're gonna bust things wide open.

  • We are gonna take things to the next level.

  • Who's with me? Who's with me? Who-- who's psyched?

  • Lou, are you psyched?

  • Yeah. Yeah, l'm psyched.

  • Okay.

  • Alicia, are you psyched?

  • Absolutely.

  • Better. This guy. l'm sorry, l don't know your name yet.

  • Hector. l'm in maintenance.

  • That's cool. Hector...

  • Hector, l know you're psyched.

  • l'm psyched!

  • [all laughing]

  • Yes, Hector's psyched!

  • And if Hector's psyched, then you know l'm psyched.

  • l am psyched for this team.

  • Now who else is with me? Who's psyched?

  • (all) l'm psyched!

  • (Carter) Excellent. Who else? Come on.

  • Who do you think will be the first to get canned?

  • My money's on Dan. He's prehistoric.

What was l saying about the...


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