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  • Hi I'm J.John.

  • I love the season of Christmas.

  • One of the things I enjoy during

  • this Christmas season is finding a present for my wife.

  • I've been married to Killy for 27 years and every year I like to come up with

  • something new and creative. When I go shopping

  • for present for Killy at Christmas, I'm looking for something personal. I want

  • it to be personal

  • to her. I want her to really appreciate that I've gone

  • the extra mile for her, but also I want it practical. I want her to be able to

  • enjoy using the gift that I've given her.

  • Thirdly I want it to be permanent. I don't want a gift that is only going to last a

  • couple of days, I want it to last,

  • and of course when I choose that gift I can't just walk out

  • of the store with it, I have to purchase it. One of the

  • great bible verses says this.

  • John 3 verse 16 "For God

  • so in love the world that

  • he gave his

  • one and only son

  • so that whoever believes in him

  • should not perish but have

  • everlasting life."

  • In that first we see how God came to earth.

  • It was a personal mission. "For God so loved

  • the world". Each

  • one of us.

  • It was also practical.

  • He actually came to do

  • something for us, and that

  • was to die upon the cross, because

  • that was the way that he purchase for us

  • forgiveness from the past,

  • new life today,

  • and a hope for the future,

  • so that if we choose to receive God's gift

  • there is a permanency about it.

  • Can I encourage you

  • this Christmas time

  • to receive God's

  • gift, because it's

  • personal,

  • it's practical,

  • it's permanent,

  • and it's been purchased.

  • Merry Christmas.

Hi I'm J.John.


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