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How to prepare for a long plane ride? Heed these tips for a comfortable, happy, and healthy
flight. You will need: Carry-on luggage, Electronics, Reading materials, Snacks , A Good seat and Early check-in
Earplugs or headphones, an Eye mask, a Travel blanket and neck pillow, Comfortable clothing, Thick
socks, Motion sickness pills or ginger capsules, Hand-sanitizer wipes and plenty of Water.
And Optional: a lavender-scented neck pillow. Step 1. Pack essentials, such as medications and passports, a few days
before your flight, and completely finish packing the night before. You'll minimize
stress because you won't be rushing around the morning of the flight. Step 2. Make sure
all essentials are in your carry-on luggage. Fully charge your music player, game player,
or laptop and pack books and magazines. Bring your favorite snacks and finger food. Check
out the entertainment and food options offered by the airline before you fly. Step 3. Consider
upgrading to a better seating class for a particularly long flight. If you check in
online up to 24 hours in advance, you often get to choose your seat or change to a better
one. Or get to the airport extra early and check for a better seat at the counter and
again at the gate. Seats in exits rows and the bulkhead provide the most legroom. Step
4. Bring along earplugs or noise-reduction headphones to block unwanted noise. An eye
mask will shield your eyes from sunlight if you want to sleep during the day. Step 5.
Bring a soft travel blanket and neck pillow. Besides being warm and cozy, you won't have
to worry about the airline's blanket-cleaning policy. Dress comfortably and bring thick
socks to swap for your shoes after take-off. Neck pillows with lavender are said to be
calming and reduce headaches. Step 6. Take motion sickness pills or ginger capsules 2
hours before your flight if you're prone to air sickness. Wash your hands, especially
before and after eating, and bring hand sanitizer wipes. Wipe down airflow vent and tray tables
with sanitized wipes and use a tissue when touching the bathroom door handle. Step 7.
Drink plenty of water before and during your flight to avoid muscle aches and fatigue.
Get up, stretch, and move around often to prevent stiffness and deep vein thrombosis.
Did you know A survey by 3M and the Global Strategy Group found that most Americans would
rather get stuck in traffic, go on a blind date, or go to the dentist than sit in the
middle seat on a flight.




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