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Vision's not quite right, but glasses Make me look a sight
Enought to give the world a fright, like a sprite
wearing specs
Ohhh fiery little sprite
conflagration in the night don't play games with your sights
if it leaves you in the dark
i prefer laugh of the blur, i forget to wear
my glasses, when i sing i share caresses and it feels good to close my eyes
Oh.... my pretty arsonist
let me clasp you close to me and rip off your clothes with my teeth and tag them
confetti, to scatter
as we kiss
confetti?, on you and me
All i see are stars, suddenly
some daze, my eyes leave me astray
faraway down the street
until i comeback to steal
A glance at the sun, or even look sky
straight in
the eye
all i see are stars
won't let you stray, I'll be your only guide,
let me be your pair of eyes, you'll be my special flame
Yes,One thing i must confess
of five senses, my hearing's best, I'd never...
never recognize you by relying on my eyes...
Smoldering embers, alone in dark
we'll raise cascades of sparks, as...
the clock of my heart strikes midnight, we'll cath on fire...
and blaze so bright you'll see lights
All i see are stars, suddenly some daze my eyes leave me
faraway down
the street
until i comeback to...
steal, a....
glance at the sun
or even look the sky straight in the eye
all i see are stars
you often sprout Italian
ice cream cons and you have "?"spaghetti after midnight
Oh , whats that pitter patter?
Thats just the rain, you like the rain?, Getting wet? no.., but the sound
it makes, yes!
a storm "?"
magnetic one
Jack! not about this, oh plea to god!
What have you done to him?


Flamme à lunettes (English Version)

4106 タグ追加 保存
tina950429 2015 年 1 月 10 日 に公開
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