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  • Nice one Food Tubers, Jamie Oliver here and I am with Alex James! He makes cheese, I make

  • food so we invented a Festival and we called it "Feastival" So, we have a Feastival every

  • August, between August and September.

  • Alex: Last day of August, first day of September, on my farm.

  • Jamie: We have a little rave up and it's brilliant, and fantastic and it's like everything that

  • we love about food, eating well. Like demonstrations with all the best chefs and like amazing suppliers

  • and he sorts out all the music, great music. Alex: This year, we've got Basement Jaxx,

  • Rizzle Kicks, Mark Owen's coming, Lianne La Havas is coming, Cuban Brothers your favourite.

  • Jamie: Maybe some people out there don't know that you love food and this is your cheese

  • yeah? Alex: It is, well people used to throw cheese at me when Blur were playing because

  • they knew that I loved it. Some musicians got knickers, I got cheese. Jamie: What I

  • want to do is a nice recipes called Pasta Fonduta, Pasta Fonduta. It's basically like

  • making the kind of fondue sauce, but you can embrace green things and right now asparagus

  • is good, but it could be spinach. This pasta sauce is the easiest thing in

  • the world. It does help if you have a carrier, The carrier being, it could be double

  • cream or it could be mascarpone bits. if you cut bits of your cheese and we're just going

  • to melt this slowly. This is in a bowl over some boiling water, the same boiling water

  • we are going to cook the pasta in you know, the nice thing is I'm not doing it in a pan,

  • it's not aggressive, it's really gently melting the cheese. Feel free to put whatever cheese

  • you fancy in bro. If you have never had marjoram, buy some seeds brilliant weed, it comes back

  • every year. It's really good with cheese, best friends with cheese in the world and

  • also, as per all herbs just has a whole catalogue of wonderful medicinal values that you just

  • want to know about. And this is an unwaxed lemon. Notice, that it's only the beautiful

  • fragrant yellow lemony parts. Alex: They smell amazing don't they. So zingy.

  • Jamie: I don't want it to be a sherbet dip. So I'm only using half. I don't want to spoil

  • the cheese. But look, that's all I've used. Half a lemon.

  • Alex: Let me know if you want me to taste that.

  • Jamie: All we've got to do is melt all those cheese down and then just like. Take it to

  • France. And then this pan now goes onto full whack. We've got fast boiling water. We've

  • got a generous amount of salt going in the water. No, you're not going to eat the salt

  • but if you do not season the water it's going to be bland and you will never ever catch

  • up. We are going to go in with this tagliolini, of course you can use a spaghetti. You can

  • put the lid on for a second. As soon as that comes back to the boil, we go in with our asparagus.

  • I'm going to cut them at an angle mate, cutting it on a bias they call it. All pasta says

  • different times because it might be made with eggs or water, and when it's two minutes away

  • from being cooked, that's when we go in with the asparagus. So this is getting towards,

  • I don't want to overcook it. Alex: It's a really nice colour that pasta. Jamie: We can

  • drain this right now in a colander. But actually, one of the most valuable things to any

  • pasta dish on the planet it's not a pasta, it's not the source. It's the starchy water

  • in which it was cooked. I'm just going to flip that, in there.

  • A little bit like cooking the perfect omelette, you want to go a little bit too wet so you're

  • embracing all the things that you love and we go back here, to starchy water again, and

  • we're going to feed it because it's not perfect because it's sucked

  • up too much water. Forget the flavour, we've got flavour yeah. Texture, if the texture's

  • all wrong, it's rubbish. So there we go, we're going to pour that onto our plate here. So

  • with a lot of cooking, we are storytelling here. And a little bit of a reminder of the

  • lemon juice because it's going to perfume up over the top. What's quite nice is a little

  • bit of black pepper from a height. Now black pepper, is that classic sort of heat from

  • carbonara. It wouldn't be a pasta dish without some good cold pressed extra virgin olive

  • oil. Ladies and gents, that is. Pasta Fonduta a la Alex James scenario.

  • Alex: It smells and looks so inviting. Jamie: Thanks for coming around man.

  • Alex: Ah mate, I can't wait to see you down the farm.

  • Jamie: Festival's going to be wicked this year.

  • Alex: Oh the lemonyness is just divine! Jamie: I've studied for years how to do it like Nigella.

  • She's just so sexy, Anyway. Thanks Alex, very much. We're going to carry on eating like

  • pigs. We're just going to wear it basically we're in cheese and pasta heaven. See you

  • at the Feastival! Lots of love, don't forget comment, subscribe. God bless!

Nice one Food Tubers, Jamie Oliver here and I am with Alex James! He makes cheese, I make


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ジェイミー・オリバーのファンタスティックな安っぽいパスタを、ブラーのアレックス・ジェームズと一緒に。 (Jamie Oliver's fantastic cheesy pasta with Alex James from Blur)

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