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  • Some people are quite surprised that you would chose to do this film, sort of more of a black

  • comedy. What was it about it that's why you wanted to do it?

  • It's just such an original piece and, um, and just had my attention from start to finish. It just-

  • Complete, original structure, character arcs. Everything about it was just very fresh and

  • it just sort of- I just responded to it immediately. And then Lenny- I was a big fan of his work

  • and so it was a very east decision to make.

  • Do you always try to always have variety? I mean, you've done so many- it's drama,

  • you've got a bit of action and now this, a bit of comedy, is it- is that the way you want your

  • career to be?

  • Definitely want the variety there and y'know. For, y'know, I think that, hopefully, I get

  • to learn more and challenge things and try new things and- but y'know, essentially just sort of

  • good stories and, erm, that's really what I'm looking for in a film. I can afford not

  • to, to repeat, y'know, the same characters over and over again. Try to do different types of

  • characters, that would- that would be good.

  • Now, in the last few years, you've become a proper stud. How do you cope with being

  • adored by so many?

  • Haha, erm. I don't know, I mean it's- I'm just, er, very happy really that the work

  • is consistent and I'm able to work with the talent that I'm allowed to work with, that's a real treat.

  • And, er, in a few of your films we see you in not too much clothing, is this now a new clause

  • that is, like, you know gotta get the shirt off at some stage?

  • Or have a head on.

  • Or a head on, yeah.

  • Yeah, we'll see. Stay tuned.

  • What was the head like?

  • It was big.

  • Uncomfortable?

  • Erm, it was initially but, y'know, you get- got used to it pretty quickly. It was fine,

  • like I say, it actually lent to the character a lot and it was very liberating and created

  • a sense of mischief in the character whenever is sort of put it on, so it was good.

  • Well it's nice to see you without the head.

  • Thank you, cheers. Good to see you.

Some people are quite surprised that you would chose to do this film, sort of more of a black


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