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  • Welcome Food Tubers to our kitchen. We're Sorted Food and Ben's going to telly you what

  • we're going to make today. We are going to make a rhubarb

  • and blackberry bread and butter pudding. And what's special about that? It's cheap. Jamie's

  • asked us to make cheap stuff, so this is cheap. Because it's very seasonal, seasonal rhubarb,

  • blackberries that you can pick of a bush, stale bread. Basic household ingredients that

  • are always in the fridge. So cheap and cheerful. I'm going to top and tail and chop this up

  • into small bite size pieces and add it to this baking tray along with. Mike, can you

  • juice this orange. So rhubarb particularly cheap and seasonal

  • at the minute, or I have some growing in the garden so even cheaper, in fact free for me.

  • If you are one of those people who have a carton of orange juice kicking around in

  • the fridge then use that. You just need sort of 50-60ml keeps it even cheaper still.

  • Right! Sugar, because rhubarb can be very, very tart. Orange juice and then that whole

  • thing goes into an oven at 200 degrees Celsius for about 10 minutes.

  • Next up, softened butter and bread. Now this, is kind of stale bread. This is duck bread.

  • This is duck bread. You can of course just buy a fresh loaf, lay it out and leave it

  • for a couple of hours. Or use the end of a loaf is fine. So all we want to do is butter

  • the bread. Hence the bread and butter pudding. The clue is in the title. And then just lay

  • it into our dish. You do that, I'm going to make a custard that goes on top.

  • How much would you say this costs per person? Less than £1.50 and that's when we buy all

  • the ingredients. Next we make the custard to soak into the bread. That's 3 eggs whisked

  • into there and we add in our milk. Another way to make money is to go around Ben's house

  • and eat his ingredients as he's making it. I don't want to sound negative but bread and

  • butter pudding. I know it's a British classic. It is a British Classic, it's probably a bit

  • nasty, a bit oldly wordly, a bit war time. But that's because the ingredients are cheap

  • and when you're on rations you can still have amazing food. War time rations, you're going

  • to be impressed with this. Even if it doesn't cost much to make. Sugar into our custard.

  • Not a lot, because the fruit is relatively sweet and we've already put the sugar into

  • our rhubarb. Now I've brought these from a supermarket so we have paid for them. You

  • can get them free from the roadside. Or if you want a cheap alternative, tinned fruit

  • will do just the same. And as with all the ingredients. It's still dirt cheap. It doesn't

  • sound good for food does it. Not really, but you know what I mean. Our rhubarb doesn't

  • take long at all in that oven. We just want to begin to soften it. That is beautiful,.

  • imagine you can smell the rhubarb now. But just imagine that really, gold, melted sugar

  • on the top of it. So I'm going to splash a bit of that on there, syrup and rhubarb alike.

  • I'm going to throw these on top am I? On more layer, yeah. Perfect. Perfect he says as he

  • rearranges it. I'm just thinking of presentation as we're serving that, that way up.

  • More blackberries, more rhubarb. Next up, pour all of that our custard. Cold custard

  • over our bread and then kind of just press it down so it all soaks in and leave it for

  • half an hour to soak up all those juices. After that half an hour put it in an oven

  • for 180 degrees Celsius for thirty minutes with just a little sprinkling of brown sugar

  • so it goes nice and crispy. and then we've got a really cheap, but damn tasty bread and

  • butter pudding to serve. That's exactly what I want. It smells so fruity and sweet already.

  • It looks amazing, so there you go for people on a budget. You don't have to forgo a dessert.

  • It's cheap and cheerful. It's a rhubarb and blackberry bread and butter pudding sorted.

  • And what is particularly good about this, is we have costed this dish on it serving

  • four. Now on hindsight, look at the size of this portion. There's only two of us. I take

  • that back, this is plenty for 6! Which makes it even cheaper than I first thought. Way

  • less than a pound per portion. A dribble of cream.

  • Did you put the cream as a part of the cost, of course. We've thought of everything. Tell

  • us what you think. You've never tasted better stale bread, I promise. Oh yeah! That is so

  • good! It's the rhubarb that gets me every time. You just would not expect that to be

  • as cheap as it was. Make sure you give it a go yourself. Get the recipe and details

  • from And don't forget to subscribe to Jamie Oliver's Food Tube for more videos

  • of him and his mates.

Welcome Food Tubers to our kitchen. We're Sorted Food and Ben's going to telly you what


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