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The President: On your mark.
I've got to say this thing always looks bug spray.
The President: On your mark, get set.
Narrator: Welcome to the special year end edition
of West Wing Week.
We know you all are busy with the holidays,
so we'll keep it short.
Here at West Wing Week, we have a word to describe
the funny bit we put at the end of each episode.
Female Speaker: Yay!
The Vice President: Folks, thank you very much.
I'm going home.
Narrator: That word is sting.
The President: Solid.
Narrator: So, for the end of the year,
we thought we'd string together a little
entertaining compilation of stings.
Enjoy and see you next year.
Bill Nye: Take it away Mr. President.
The President: POTUS on board.
POTUS on board.
(music playing)
The Vice President: Straight A's?
The President: I'm going to press this.
Zach Galifianakis: Don't touch that please.
Male Speaker: Over the counter.
The President: Everybody.
Child: My favorite is 'Body Moving.'
♪ Body moving, body moving. ♪
♪ A-1 sound, sound so soothing. ♪
Mrs. Obama: This is good.
Multiple Speakers: ♪ Body moving. ♪
Male Speaker: I'm going to do a selfie.
I've never done one.
The President: Oh, come on.
We'll figure it out.
Male Speaker: Tilt the chin up a little bit.
The President: See what you started.
Here, grab and take a shot.
Male Speaker: Whip that around.
The President: Take a picture of him.
Male Speaker: Hold like this.
The President: That's the shot right there.
Let's see how it's turns out.
Male Speaker: We tested the light.
Male Speaker: Look at the lens, not at yourself.
Multiple Speakers: Oh.
Male Speaker: That happens all the time.
The President: Don't tell Tim Cook.
Male Speaker: All right, people.
Male Speaker: One of those are good.
Male Speaker: That will work.
The President: Oh, you've got to in here.
Female Speaker: Oh, come on Ryan.
Oh, Pat do you want one too?
The President: Come on, Pat.
He'll take it.
He'll take it.
Female Speaker: Oh my gosh.
Someone's going to think you're like wax.
The President: This is Kevin.
Oh, I haven't been recording this whole time.
The President: Yeah, I thought you already
had it on record, Kevin.
This is Valerie.
Valerie is doing an outstanding compulations
here, describing right angles and that's Mike,
my Secret Service Agent, he never smiles.
The President: He's sort of smiling.
That's not bad.
I won't impale myself.
I'm not sure I can actually impale myself.
I mean I'd have to be like -- impaling is hard to do.
Female Speaker: A running start?
The President: Yeah, unless you're like falling from
a building or something or you're jousting,
which I don't -- I don't joust.
Female Speaker: Mr. President, I have to announce your name.
The President: Please do.
Female Speaker: Barrack Obama.
The President: That's me.
You're offering me job?
The President: I'm going to have to check out your
perks I mean --
The President: Do you have, like, a Sushi bar at Sensay?
Female Speaker: On a bad hair day.
The President: I mean that's some kind of outfit there.
I'm telling you.
All right, I like the smile too.
Female Speaker: I'm always happy in the lab.
The President: How old were you when you
went to the University of Mississippi?
Male Speaker: I was about eight or so.
The President: Is that right?
Male Speaker: Yeah.
The President: Yeah.
The President: All right,
I'm such an underachiever.
The President: I love this guy.
Male Speaker: So, you put -- you put this in.
The President: How did you get the idea
for the whole polymer thing though?
One last question, where do I buy stock in you?
So, how do I log on?
Love these kids.
Female Speaker: I'd like to welcome
you to our highway driving simulator lab.
The President: Okay.
My first job was scooping ice cream.
One of you might be president.
Male Speaker: It's like Halloween.
The President: It's like the haunted house.
The Vice President: I don't know.
I don't think this one's on TV.
Child: It has to, because that camera is there.
The Vice President: Oh, wait a minute.
Actually, you know that's the White House cameraman.
So, actually it will be on TV.
Zach Galifianakis: Thanks for the interview
and thanks for letting me shoot my show here
all these years.
The President: You've been shooting these
shows here in the Diplomatic Room?
Who gave you permission to do that?
Zach Galifianakis: Bush.
The President: Seriously?
Who gave him clearance?
Zach Galifianakis: Watch the spider bite.
The President: That's the other hand.
Zach Galifianakis: No, it's everywhere.


West Wing Week: 1/2/15 or, "That Zingy Sting: A Special, Year-End Edition"

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