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There are some ridiculously weird items on eBay, and Link is gonna guess
- how much they are. - Let's talk about that.
♪ (theme music) ♪
- Good Mythical Morning! - The great thing about eBay
is that you don't have to be a smart business person or craftsman
- to go on there and sell something. - That's what the e is for: everybody -bay.
You just get on there and there are some restrictions, but you can pretty much
sell anything you want to. And there's some weird stuff on there, and we have
devised a game in which I will be presenting an item to Link and then
he will be guessing between two numbers, kinda "Price is Right" style.
If you get -- you're going to be guessing most often the Buy It Now price,
sometimes the winning bid, and sometimes the starting bid if it was never available...
- No one ever actually bid on it. - And I raise my awareness about the
weirdest items on eBay, so you're welcome.
And I'm gonna go through 10 of these. If you get 6 out of 10,
- you get a priiiiiize! - Ooooh!
Link, are you ready to play… "Can You Guess That Price On eBay for the Item?"
And the next contestant on
Can You Guess That eBay… Item… with a Price… is Mr. Link Neal!
- Come on down! - (Link making happy noises)
(audience cheering sound effect)
- All right, welcome. Welcome. - Thank you.
- Okay, uh… - So great to be here.
Yeah. Don't get too excited. Again, Link, if you get 6 out of 10 of these
right, you get a prize. - Okay.
Let's bring in our producer slash card-turner girl, Stevie.
Stevie will be back there and she will be revealing the correct price on these items.
- Look at this! - Let's bring up the first item.
Link, this is an adult baby logo Velcro diaper with insert.
- The key words… - What? "Adult baby?"
Adult… you know, people like to do adult baby things, like this for adults
- that like to dress up like babies. - So it's an adult diaper.
- That says "baby" on it. - Yeah.
From the item description: "I am cleaning out my stash of adult baby
diaper outfits, diapers, and miscellaneous items as I've collected too many over
the years." Quote, "The person wearing it will feel just like a big baby."
- One thing to note, too is - Sounds valuable.
it's kinda thick and it'll make you waddle a bit while wearing it, which
is a constant reminder of your diapered state. Okay, so I want you to guess...
- So that is a man's thighs? Eugh. - I don't wanna think about that.
But I do want you to guess: what was the winning bid for
this adult diaper? Was it $14.99 or $50.99?
- I certainly hope it's $14.99, Bob. - All right, he says $14.99,
- and he is incorrect! - (incorrect buzzer and audience sigh)
- What? - Yes, this thing went for 51 dollars.
- 51 dollars? And it was sold? - Plus shipping. Oh yeah,
somebody who was really into adult diapers. Baby diapers.
- Ooh, there's… eugh. - Okay, Link. Moving on to the
- next item. If we could clear the prices. - Oh, wow. This is high functionality.
It's just like the Price is Right. The Bone Throne: a chair made of
real cow bones. This thing is 43 inches tall, 38 inches wide. It's made of
real cow bones over a wooden chair, and it's impressive. I didn't say that.
- (Stevie laughing) - The item description said that.
- "And it's impressive." - "Everyone loves to sit in it,
and so will you." So apparently multiple have sat in this thing and they love it.
It's made out of genuine cow bone, and I want you to guess the Buy It Now price.
But it's real cow bones over a wooden chair.
This is pretty awesome. I'm thinking about buying it now.
A thousand dollars or $475.
Okay, But It Now is always the higher one. One thousand dollars, Bob.
- Okay, Link… go for it. - Ready? (laughing)
- (incorrect buzzer and audience sigh) - Nope, $475. You can get this bone throne
- for under 500 bucks! - Wow, that is a deal.
I'm thinking about buying it. Moving on to...
- Ugly baby doll deformed demon puppet. - Eugh!
Lifesize! This lifesize latex doll is the ugliest baby you have ever seen.
- It comes with its own blanky. - Does it have a mustache?
- No, that's blood. - Eugh! Gross!
Apparently, it had hair at one time but now the manufacturer has
taken the hair off. I don't know, it's weird because they show hair and
no hair, but either way, it's a demon baby. And what I want you to guess is the
- Buy It Now price. This could be yours. - Right, no one has bought this.
- You can paste hair on there if you want. - So this is more about what they think
it's worth, not what someone actually is willing to pay for it.
Yeah, this is Buy It Now. Going $39.99 or $100 dollars?
I think they're hoping to get 100 dollars for this. It ain't gonna happen...
- Okay. No! - (incorrect buzzer and audience sigh)
- Gosh! - You're bad at this game.
- I… - You should never go on eBay.
I grew up watching the Price is Right with Miss Dean, my babysitter.
- Okay, Link. All right. - And that hasn't helped.
How about this? Unusual corked glass vial of moose poop, scat, droppings...
- Oh, wow… - That's a lot of words for poop in a row.
No smell! This is corked glass. It's a vial filled with moose poop.
Does not smell when cork is removed. That's good. Use it for decoration,
of course, or make jewelry out of if. "Hey, baby. I love your poop necklace."
- It actually says make jewelry out of it? - Yeah, these are like moose poop nuggets.
$12.99 or 15 dollars to buy these moose turds now.
Well, either one: I'm in the market. This is affordable.
- Okay, yeah. - This is a tough guess. Um… $12.99.
- (correct dinging and audience cheering) - Yes!
Link got one correct. All right, moving on to a mummified cat.
- Ooh, gross. - Slash taxidermy cat slash
lab specimen slash horror slash oddity slash curiosity slash Killer Curio UK.
- This is a genuine… - What's that around his neck?
Some sort of decorative… thing, like he… just went to a wedding.
- Or he's royalty. - Like the cat's… The cat died
- at a quinceañera or something? - Apparently according to the description,
this thing -- it's been 25 to 35 years since the death of the cat.
And just in case you were wondering, this cat is an ex-laboratory specimen
and lived a full and complete, content life. Because you know those laboratory
specimens are living… this is the weirdest thing on the list. I'm just gonna go ahead
and tell ya right now. I don't know where they got this thing, but it has all
the bones intact -- I know you're interested in that. It's on a little
velvet basket. Hey! And it's guaranteed for Christmas worldwide.
Well, it did live a full and complete and content life.
- What's the Buy It Now Price? - I'd say the Buy It Now price is...
This is too spec… I'm going with this. $547.84.
- (correct dinging and audience cheering) - Yes, Link's on a roll!
Link, how about the large, crude, old human teeth? It's very simple. These
- are just large, crude, old human teeth. - Are the… By the way,
- you could reach these yourself. - (Stevie laughing)
- No, no. I've gotta hold this mic. - We don't have to make Stevie do this.
These are being offered for auction as is, and you can buy them now.
Can you buy them now for 11 dollars or 45 dollars?
- Remember, this is old human teeth. - They do not look like human teeth.
- Very crude. They're very crude. - Oh, those are the roots.
Yeah, this is a large human. This may be Andre the Giant's teeth for all I know.
- And this is a Buy It Now price? - 11 or 45?
I'm gonna go with the bargain basement deal of 11 dollars.
- (correct dinging and audience cheering) - Yes!
- Wow, where's he stand at, Jen? - I'm comin' back.
He's gotten thee wrong and three right.
- Three wrong, three right. - I'm 50-50.
Rare peanut M&M's from 1989 with a piece of wood inside instead of a peanut.
Yes, it's as simple as that. This guy bought some M&Ms in 1989, and
it had a piece of wood instead of a peanut. And now he's selling it. Of course!
- So it's a choking hazard. - Yeah.
- I'm in the market for choking hazards. - Well, that's a collector's item.
- I'm into this. - And it's smaller than a nickel, I see.
And it's either 50 dollars or 825 dollars, Link. This has only happened
one time as far as we know. That wood has gotten in place of the peanut.
So you're trying to get me to vote for this insane price?
Listen, I don't know. I don't know. I'm ignorant of this.
- That's why she's doing it. - It's reverse psychology.
So I'm going to go with the way you're pushing me and reverse reverse psychology.
- $825. - (correct dinging and audience cheering)
- Yes, can you believe that? - Yeah! That's ridiculous!
I don't think anybody's gonna buy it now or ever for $825.
- But what about this… - Does it come with the nickel?
Uh… you could probably arrange that. Please add a nickel.
How about the perfect number: number 8 onion ring. This person ordered
onion rings at a fast food restaurant with a burger order. But look at this.
It came out a perfect 8 surrounded by another onion ring.
- Which would be a 0. - Yeah, don't think about that.
So there's an 8 and a 0 here, which brings the price up. Starting bid,
- because no one bid on it? - No one has bid on this.
Believe it or not, no one has bid on this. But what is the person asking?
Are they starting this at 500, or are they staring this at 8 dollars?
I think they're starting it at 8 dollars. I certainly hope so.
- Okay, all right. No! - (incorrect buzzer and audience sigh)
- Link, how often does this happen? - That so stupid!
This is an amazing thing!
What are the chances that it happened in the onion ring thing?
- Well, every time you want it to happen. - No, no. This was totally accidental.
This was a miracle. This was a Christmas miracle, Link, and you blew it.
- (laughing) - Now you've gotta get all the rest
- of them right. The last two, right? - Oh, gosh.
Okay, yeah. So you've got two more, and you've gotta get 'em both right...
- Okay, I'll do it. I'll do it. - …to get the prize.
How about a very rare David pink statue with hula skirt, sunglasses, and towel
- from 1998. - How tall is it?
Well, that's under dispute, because it says approximately 7 and 3/4 feet high,
2 and 1/2 inches wide. So I'm thinking that one of those measurements
- is probably off. - That's not a seven-foor statue.
I don't think this is almost an eight-foot statue. I think it's 7 and 3/4
- inches high. Uh… plastic? Probably. - What's it made out of?
But it has black sunglasses and there's a back view. How often do you run into
- this kind of-- - Buy It Now, $799.99.
- (incorrect buzzer and audience sigh) - No!
- Link, you lost, but listen. - Double or nothing.
I'm in a very giving mood, and if you get this last one right,
you still get the prize. It is a taxidermy bull scrotum bottle.
- I've always not wanted one of these! - With stand, never been used,
- except by the bull. (laughing)
- I mean, since the scrotum has been made - I get it.
- into a bottle it has never been used. - I get it! Yes, we know!
This thing is over 10 inches tall. 5 inches wide.
- Wow. - And 7 and 1/2 inches deep.
- This is a big bull. A big bull scrotum. - Got it.
(laughing) The perfect man-cave gift for a man who has everything.
That's what they say. That's not me making -- that's from the description.
So what do you think, you wanna buy this now for, Link?
And you know what? I'm almost willing to say if you get this one right,
I'll buy the bull scrotum for ya.
- Really? - Why not? We'll put it on set.
- 55 or 75? - Um… 55!
- (correct dinging and audience cheering) - Ding ding ding ding ding!
- All right, so what do I win? - Okay, you have a choice.
- You're gonna buy the bull scrotum. - Yeah, you have a choice between
a crisp -- well, not so crisp -- dollar bill, or what's inside the mystery box!
- All right, I'll take the mystery box. - Well, that was easy.
- (crew offscreen laughing) - (wrapping paper rustling)
Thanks for liking and commenting on this video.
- Open up that mystery box! - You know what time it is.
Hi, I'm Jacob, standing here at the Greek Parthenon in
Nashville, Tennessee, and it's time to spin The Weel of Mythicality!
Remember, you can win nine different pieces of merchandise if you go to
our Facebook page and play the 12 Mythical Days of Christmas and
- win today's challenge. - Speaking of win, what did I win?
It's a frozen block of… What is this, Bob?
What is that? It's a tomato.
- It's a tomato-sicle. It's a frozen tomato-sicle.
- Oh my goodness. - So you can go ahead and enjoy that.
- I don't even like tomatoes. - Uh… the dollar's mine.
- You don't get that now. I'll take that. - All right.
Click through to Good Mythical More where we reminisce on everything
Price is Right related. It holds a special place in my life.
Yeah, okay. How's that toma-- Come on, at least taste it!
- I'll make it part of the wheel. - "Yell each others' names."
- Link! - Rhett!
- Ugh!
- (crew offscreen laughing) - Oh, it broke! (laughing)
- Rhett! Oh, cold! - Link!
[Captioned by Kevin: GMM Captioning Team]



Weirdest eBay Items (GAME)

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