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  • CLAIM: "If you eat candy before bed you're gonna have nightmares!" - true fact or strategic

  • parenting?

  • Hey everyone, Laci Green here. You know, for the longest time I believed that sugar gave

  • me nightmares. I think it started when I was really little and my parents were trying to

  • deter me from eating too much candy. Come to find out, it's not just sugar...there is

  • a relationship between eating in general and having nightmares. So basically just...stop

  • eating guys. Small price to pay right?

  • When you eat, you rev up your metabolism to process the food you've just consumed, boosting

  • your body's temperature. Which is interesting because at least for me, nightmares are always

  • a really hot, sweaty affair. And not in a sexy way. These metabolic processes and digestion

  • increase brain activity while you sleep, and all that interference can cause some disturbance.

  • If your body is working hard enough, the effects may bleed into REM, which occurs about 90

  • minutes into your sleep. REM, or Rapid Eye Movement, is the phase of the sleep cycle

  • where all the action happens. Your eyes are fluttering behind your eyelids, your muscles

  • relax, and your brain is really active. REM is the phase where the majority of your dreams

  • and nightmares happen. Because nightmares are the type of dreams that have the power

  • to freak us out and wake us up, people are more likely to remember a nightmare than a

  • dream. And FYI everyone dreams, every night - some people don't think they dream, but

  • they just don't remember them. We tend to remember dreams that are happening in the

  • morning when we're about to wake up.

  • Some crazy stuff, huh? So, going back to the full stomach thing -- it's not just being

  • full that could interfere with your sleep. Spicy foods can also trigger bad dreams because

  • they're a little harder for your body to process. One study in the International Journal of

  • Psychophysiology found that spicy foods disturbed ALL their participants' sleep -- but it was

  • a really small study. The scientists think this could be related to the fact that spicy

  • foods elevate our body temperature.

  • And what of the candy and junk food? Ice cream and brownies, cakes and pies? Sugar sugar

  • sugar? Most studies find no definitive conclusion that "more sugar=more nightmares", but one

  • study published in the Journal of the Mind and Body found that ice cream and candy bars

  • may increase brain wave activity while you're digesting. About 70% of the participants that

  • were fed junk food a half hour before bed had nightmares. But there's no evidence yet

  • that it's the sugar ITSELF and not just eating right before bed that's causing problems.

  • The takeaway here: if you don't want nightmares, let your body do most its digesting BEFORE

  • you go to sleep. Do you notice any difference when you go to bed on a full stomach? Let

  • me know down below. Sweet dreams, everyone!

CLAIM: "If you eat candy before bed you're gonna have nightmares!" - true fact or strategic


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