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  • Hey. Hydrate. -Thanks.

  • Look I'm really sorry about the other night at Emily's dinner. It was so not cool.

  • We were all stressed. But if there's something else and you're really upset with me.

  • No we're good. -So my dad's going to Westport for a few days

  • and he wants me to go with him. -Is A going to let that happen?

  • Never. But I obviously can't stay home alone so can

  • I crash at your house? -I would have to talk to my mom. She has a

  • lot going on right now but I'll talk to her.

Hey. Hydrate. -Thanks.


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プリティ・リトル・ライアーズ 5x08 スニーク・ピーク #1 - "Scream for Me" - シーズン5エピソード8 (Pretty Little Liars 5x08 Sneak Peek #1 - "Scream for Me" - Season 5 Episode 8)

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