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  • Spencer. -You ready?

  • Sure. -Wow.

  • Wow what? -Nothing I just wow. I forgot how enthusiastic

  • you are about watching things. -Have you heard from Aria?

  • Yeah I just talked to her. -She should've waited I could've talked to

  • Eddie myself once the police finish. -Look in my experience with Eddie Lamb he's

  • much less likely to talk to you after the police leave.

  • He wants us to know something. He left a picture on my doorstep.

  • Yeah cause he's a good guy but he's really big on self preservation.

  • Aria'll be fine. Okay she told me not to let you do any heavy lifting.

  • Did you park downstairs? -Around the corner.

  • Good.

Spencer. -You ready?


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プリティ・リトル・ライアーズ 5x07 Sneak Peek #4「E.ラムの沈黙」シーズン5エピソード7 (Pretty Little Liars 5x07 Sneak Peek #4 - "The Silence of E. Lamb" - Season 5 Episode 7)

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