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>> Kelli Sauls, Associate Director, University of Virginia, Darden School of Business: You
can stand out in the application process by, first, just following the directions on the
application. Knowing that you're a good fit for the program and being able to exemplify
that throughout the admissions process is really important. But also, in the interview
process and any opportunity that you get a chance to interact with any member of the
>> Robert Chabot, Director of Admissions, Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business:
Something that, I think, a lot of students don't realize is, how you interact with the
office is something that would definitely be taken into account by the admissions committee.
Because every interaction with the admissions office is typically tracked, monitored, and
it's remembered. So, if somebody with a pleasant personality, somebody that show enthusiasm,
somebody who show energy is somebody who gets more consideration than not.
>> Jay Bryant, Director of Admissions, Thunderbird School of Global Management: The more international
experience you have, the more languages you speak, things like that are things that we
value. Others schools are going to look at, perhaps, your background as far as quantitive
skills, or maybe that you have really worked enough financial industry, or a certain marketing,
sort of, position. But, again, that's something that you're going to want to speak with the
school about and find out what they are looking for.
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How You Can Stand Out as an Applicant

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