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  • Three, two, one...


  • It's a beau-Oh! He's done it!


  • What's up guys? Welcome to the brand new Dude Perfect Headquarters, otherwise known as DPHQ.

  • Let's do some trick shots. Here we go!


  • Cody's office shot!


  • This, is the no looker bullseye


  • Time trial scooter, office here we go


  • Come on! Hey.


  • Where's the camera? Oh. Go cam, coming in hot


  • Up we go. This is the lazy boy


  • There she is.


  • Turf burn


  • Nothing like a little DP office bowling.

  • Y'know, with our custom ball


  • We're about to launch that RC car over that damn panda. Here we go!


  • Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?


  • This is the selfie shot.

  • He's on fire!


  • One!


  • Two!


  • Three!


  • What is happening?


  • This is the long distance target smash.


  • Yeah! Bullseye!


  • 8 Ball out of my pocket, into the corner pocket.

  • But I'm swapping this, out for this.


  • How are you doing, gamers? Thanks for watching.

  • Make sure you comment below and let us know what we're missing in the office.

  • Y'know, maybe a hot tub, a pet giraffe, something along those lines.

  • Anyways, shoutout to our buddies at LG for sending us a couple new LG G3 phones.

  • Hey, if you noticed we used the angles in some of our shots (yeah we did)...

  • actually turned out pretty well if I do say so myself (really did).

  • It got this really handy knock feature, opens it right up,

  • how about the quality on that candid shot? Dope.

  • Great quality. Yeah, that's pretty stellar.

  • That should be your profile pic.

  • And they also got a little laser focus to help you make sure

  • that you stay in good while you're making the shots If you move,

  • you'll mess it up.

  • It's blurry now. Anyways, special shout out to The Whistle.

  • Thanks for hooking us up with this great awesome video.

  • Click up here if you want to see our last video?you okay?( I'm okay.)

  • Click over here if you want to play our iPhone game

  • I better sign off this so you don't cough.

  • (I appreciate that.) Got this strong and Pound it!

  • And the knock. See ya.


Three, two, one...


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デュード・パーフェクトのオフィス編 (Dude Perfect's Office Edition)

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