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  • They say, 'Time is money,'


  • but what does one really have to do with the other?

    時間とお金はどのように 関係しているのでしょうか?

  • Meet Sheila!


  • She just got her first big bonus.


  • Sheila knows exactly what she wants to do with that money.


  • She's had her eye on a nice convertible for a while now.

    ずっと素敵なオープンカーに 目をつけていたのです

  • Yes, Sheila, that's a nice car!


  • Oh, looks like Sheila is a little short.

    でもお金が 少し足らないようです

  • But wait!

    でも 待って

  • She has an idea.


  • Sheila is a smart cookie.


  • She knows that if she deposits the money for a year


  • instead of buying the car today,


  • she will earn interest.


  • Then she'll be able to afford the car.

    そうすれば 将来 車を買えるのです

  • Sheila knows that the value of her deposit one year from now


  • will equal the money deposited today plus the interest earned.

    今日預けたお金 + 利息です

  • We call Sheila's money deposited today


  • the present value of money.


  • And the value of Sheila's deposit next year

    そして 一年後に 利子がついたシーラの

  • is the future value of money.

    貯金額をお金の 「将来価値」と呼びます

  • What connects one to the other?

    これらを結びつけるものは 何でしょうか?

  • The interest rate,


  • also known as the time value of money.


  • Now, with a little bit of rearranging,

    ここで ちょっと整理してみましょう

  • we can figure out the future value of Sheila's money


  • with this equation.


  • So in a year, the future value will be $11,000.

    1年後の将来価値は $11,000になります

  • Well, it's been a year!

    さて 1年経ちました

  • And there's Sheila, with enough money to buy the car.

    シーラが車を買うために お金を持って来ました

  • Sheila really understands the future value of money.

    シーラはお金の将来的な価値を 分かっていたのです

  • Now, I just hope she understands the speed limit!

    シーラが制限速度のことも 分かっているといいんですけども

  • Now, meet Timmy.


  • He's also gotten his bonus.


  • The money seems to be burning a hole in his pocket.

    お金を使いたくて ウズウズしているようです

  • Yes, Timmy, that's a nice car that will surely impress people.

    うん ティミー 周りもうっとりの 本当に素敵な車ですよね

  • Oh! Looks like you're a little short.

    でも お金が少し足りないようです

  • Maybe you can follow Sheila's example.


  • You see, Timmy, just like Sheila,

    ティミーも シーラと同じように

  • after the first year, you'll have $11,000.


  • But Timmy, that is still not enough to buy that fancy car.

    でもティミー それでも あの素敵な車を買えませんよね

  • Why don't you leave the money deposited for another year?

    もう1年間長く お金を預けてはどうでしょう?

  • Let's see how your deposit will be doing in two years.

    2年後には貯金は どうなっているのでしょうか

  • With a little bit of rearranging,


  • it becomes the value of your money next year,


  • times one plus the interest rate.

    1年後の将来価値×(1+利息) です

  • We can then convert the future value one year from now


  • to the present value times one plus the interest rate.

    現在価値×(1+利息) です

  • We can even simplify this further


  • by just squaring the value of one plus the interest rate.


  • Sorry, Timmy, you'll have more money after two years,


  • but you still can't afford the car!


  • I don't know how many more years you'll have to wait,

    一体 あと何年待てばいいのやら

  • but I can tell you one way we can figure it out.

    ここで分かったことを お伝えしましょう

  • Do you see that little number two in the equation?

    方程式の2乗の部分に 着目してみましょう

  • Any number that you put in there


  • is the number of years that you are waiting,


  • also known as the period.


  • Sure, Timmy, we can see how much you'll have in five years.

    5年後にはどうなっているか 見てみましょう

  • Let's connect future value and present value across five years.

    現在価値と5年後の将来価値を 結び付けてみましょう

  • Let's watch the period increase from two to five.

    2年から5年に待機期間を 延ばしてみると

  • After 5 years, you'll have $16,105.10.

    5年後の将来価値は $16,105.10となります

  • Sorry, Timmy, you have to wait a little longer.

    残念 ティミー もっともっと待たないダメなようです

  • 10 years?


  • Yeah! Let's see if you'll be able to buy the car then.

    よし これだけ待てば 車も買えるはずですよね?

  • Not quite.

    いえ まだ足りません

  • Well, Timmy, it looks like you'll need 26 years to afford this car.

    ティミー この車を買うには 26年かかるようです

  • You should ask Sheila for a ride to the beach.

    シーラにビーチまで 乗せてもらう方が無難です

  • Maybe a bicycle will suit you better?

    ティミーには自転車の方が お似合いかもしれませんよ

  • I hear the bus is pretty cheap!


They say, 'Time is money,'



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