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  • dear lord no

  • but Samus' previously mentioned portrayal as weak and unstable is from the 2010 game, Metroid Other M.

  • It's worth mentioning simply so your know to ignore it

  • in the grand scheme of this stoic bounty hunter's true character.

  • With that in mind.

  • Let's continue Samus' story knowing full-well she's cooler than a passive barbie doll.

  • The Metroid timeline is a little confusing.

  • The series real world release dates aren't the same order as in Samus' universe.

  • But throughout each iteration, we're given more insight into Samus' life

  • while taking the driver's seat to intergalactic bounty hunting.

  • After the original Metroid for the NES, came Metroid 2: Return of Samus.

  • It was a 1991, black and white, side-scrolling shooter packed into the portability of the Game Boy.

  • It introduces the iconic "save station" while it tells the story of Samus' mission on SR388.

  • The Metroid species' home planet.

  • Her mission is to eliminate metroids from the universe forever...

  • by killing every...

  • last...

  • one.

  • But somewhere along the way, she develops a special bond

  • with one of the deadly jellyfish she was sent to destroy.

  • How?!

  • I ain't givin' no spoilers!

  • Let's move on to 1994's Super Metroid for the SNES

  • It boasted a 24...MEGABIT contridge!

  • Wow!

  • The largest cartridge ever as of its release date.

  • In the game, Samus recalls being imprinted upon by the newly hatched metroid

  • from SR388...and the special bond she had with the tiny jellyfish.

  • Woah!

  • But when the little tyke is captured by space pirates, Samus must return to the planet Zebes to save it.

  • I'm not going to tell you how or if she succeeds

  • but what you should know, is that she has a powerful, comradic connection

  • with the larval jellyfish she set out to save.

  • Snap!

  • Indeed Samus is no passive coward, but

  • under her cold, Chozo armor

  • she hides a genuine, motherly admiration for the life-sucking creatures the Galactic Federation seeks to destroy.

  • Are metroids just thoughtless weapons to be exploited by the space pirates legions?

  • Or are they something more complex?

  • It seems Samus is closer to the answer than any other being in the galaxy.


  • Next we have the release of Metroid Prime. Placed curiously after the events of Metroid.

  • This beautiful game was released in 2002 for the Game Cube

  • and was the first in the series to feature a 3D graphics engine.

  • With the famous lock-on-and-strafe gameplay

  • that would propel it into the wet dreams of gamers and critics everywhere.

  • Although Samus' unique relationship with metroids is hardly touched in the entire Prime timeline...

  • We constantly see here making connections

  • with alien races, that none other ever has.

  • In Metroid Prime, she once again befriends the Chozo

  • while fighting off their terrifying phazon corrupted spirit entities.

  • Please don't play this alone, upstairs at night at the age of ten.

  • Please.

  • Really don't.

  • If only...

  • Zak Bagans were here.

  • Moving on.

  • In Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, Samus does some cleaning up

  • on the planet Aether for the Luminoth.

  • A race almost completely exterminated by a dark force

  • meteor.

  • *Screams of terror*

  • She also encounters Dark Samus.

  • But we'll get to that later.

  • On her journey through inter-dimensional portals and hellish dark Aether nether regions,

  • she learns the deepest secrets of the nearly-extinct Luminoth race.

  • Conversing with one of their wise-as-fuck survivors

  • on a quest to restore light to the darkness.

  • *whispers* symbolism

  • Next in the timeline is Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

  • and since I'm trying to get through this without any spoilers,

  • the antagonist known as Dark Samus may seem to come out of nowhere.

  • But, all you need to know, is Dark Samus was once a powerful metroid.

  • Until it absorbed Samus' phazon suit.

  • Thereby taking on her likeness in an evil form which Samus must defeat.

  • *whispers* symbolism

dear lord no


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