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Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper and director David O. Russell were buzzing from their Oscar
nominations for American Hustle as they arrived at the Berlin Film Festival.
I can't believe it, it is unbelievable. It is such a testament to the filmmaker, the
crew and all the people that made that movie possible and I am just so lucky that I am
a part of it.
The film's up for 10 Oscars, including best picture and best actor for Christian Bale,
who inside at the press conference decided to show off his sillier side for the cameras,
before revealing why he accepted the role.
In working with David, he is only interested in the very human qualities and the heart
of the character. And so you get these really fascinating complexities come out. And I think
you find it's not a personal choice of mine, I think it is just a human fact that people
have far more than two sides to themselves. It's very natural for that to happen and indeed
it must happen in order to survive. And so I just incorporate that into most characters.
Bradley Cooper also took the opportunity to praise his co-star Jennifer Lawrence (well
why wouldn't you?) who's up for Best Supporting Actress.
You know we both David and I had the opportunity to work with Jennifer on Silver Linings Playbook
and we were sort of amazed at this creature's ability to be a young girl and this sort of
very wise older person at the same time and an effortless way of being on set and in the
scene and just how talent drips off of her.
The Oscars take place on Sunday the 2nd of March, and we don't think American Hustle
will be going home empty handed.


Bradley Cooper 'amazed' by Jennifer Lawrence at the Berlin Film Festival

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