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  • Yo, Frankenfreak.

  • This villager's got a pitchfork,

  • and it's headed straight up your ass.

  • What iust happened?


  • LISTS: Yeah! Yeah, Frank!

  • They're off the track. They're escaping.

  • They're headed for the bridge.

  • Their weapons. Hit the kill switches.

  • Seventy million viewers, ma'am. They're all watching.

  • Shut the webcast down.

  • Shut it down!

  • Shut the fucking computers down now!

  • Get out! Get out! Get out! Now!

  • Get out! Get out!

  • Get out! Get out!

  • Yo, Frankenstein.

  • lt's good we had that lĂ­ttle talk.

  • We gave that bitch a good show, huh?

  • Give me that!

  • Okay, cocksucker, fuck with me,

  • and we'll see who shits on the sidewalk.

  • Somebody's mad right now.

  • Nobody fucks with my car.

  • Son of a bitch!

  • Get the choppers in the air!

Yo, Frankenfreak.


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デスレース (10/11) Movie CLIP - ジェンセンとジョーの脱出 (2008) HD (Death Race (10/11) Movie CLIP - Jensen and Joe Escape (2008) HD)

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