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My name is Susan Trinder.
I grew up in Lant Street.
We had the best view of the gallows.
And on hanging days
people paid money to view from our top window.
No, Sue. You put the kettle on.
Let me see, I wanna see!
Susan Trinder?
Her mother was hanged for murder.
She died a dame, you know.
Oh dear girl.
Come on then, up you go.
Quick, quick.
Institute of the insane.
My name is Maud Lilly.
And I was brought up at the mad house,
where my mother died giving birth to me.
Maud. Maud have a visitor.
A visitor?
I can't remember in all these years..
Why is your tongue black?
Come on.
She is as under sized as her voice is loud.
Can't you whisper?
Of course I can.
Can she be silent?
Let me see it.
My mother, Sir.
My sister.
Let us hope that we'll remind you of her fate and prevent you from sharing it.
Can she read?
Blessed are the poor in spirit..
Blessed are the poor in spirit.
I'll take her.
I'll send my house keeper to collect her tomorrow.
I won't go!
You shan’t make me!
I want to stay with you matron.
I won't go!
If our friend had known the ins and outs of this little number...
he'd never would have been topped.
Oh! Oh, look at that! Only since today!
You're gonna make our fortune, aren't you Sue?
Am I?
Ain't she, Mr. Ibbs?
I was brought up by Mrs. Sucksby.
Who was paid to look after me for a week when I was a baby.
But she kept me all those years.
If that ain't love
I don't know what is.
The Bryar bell.
This is where your mother lived.
You are to be a lady, as she was.
Of all her fortune she turned to the mad.
It is to be hoped that you turned out better than she did.
You haven't finished your eggs?
I don't want to be a lady
You can't make me.
We'll see about that, Miss Lilly.
Keep your gloves on...
Mr. Lilly will require it.
No one is allowed beyond there.
for fear of spoiling his books.
How's her temper, Mrs. Stiles?
Rather ill, Sir.
Have you had her wear gloves?
Threw them at me, sir.
Give me your hand, Maud.
Give me your hand!
You won't forget the gloves in the future, will you Maud?
Put them on.
Not a cover is to be touch, not a leaf will be turned without them, do you understand?
You realize why I brought you here Maud?
To... To make a lady of me.
To make a secretary of you. Maud.
I couldn't read.
All I knew about letters was what I've picked up by studying vipers.
I was a fingersmith.
A thief.
Melt down this little number, will you John.
My pleasure.
I'd like to melt her down.
Don't arse about or I'll knock your bloody head off.
Oh, I'll knock it off!
Come on!
Yeah, yeah, yeah. You just try it.
Mrs. Sucksby was a baby farmer.
Paid to look after unwanted babies.
Poor little scraps.
Look at you, treasure.
Ah, Maud. I neglected to tell you
tonight there will be a new gentleman at your reading.
An artist, Mr. Richard Rivers.
He'll be here for a week
mounting pictures for the catalogue.
He'll also be giving you lessons in painting.
So they came together.
The romance may have been somewhat unusual
but that gave it all the charm of the unexpected.
And there, as the red sun tinges the sky
and the chatter of birds heralds the coming night,
we must leave them.
Wonderful Miss Lilly!
You read so beautifully!
If only the patrons of my book shop in Holywell Street could hear you.
Your words are pure poetry.
Music, Huss. Music.
Thank you.
Thank you Maud.
Mr. Rivers, you say nothing.
Does it not please you?
I cannot find words Sir.
Ah, there you see Huss.
The young rouge has beaten us.
Indeed, indeed.
Excuse me.
Now Sir, I have the first edition which you required.
Have you indeed?
I'm sorry to disturb you but,
I'm concerned that you might find it a little...
chill out of the fire.
The fire is very hot.
It is, you're right.
Very hot.
Very hot indeed.
What will you do when this great catalogue is finished?
It will never be finished.
Come on Miss Lilly, do you really mean to remain here forever?
I have no choice.
You're young, handsome.
I say it not for gallantries sake,
I say what I see.
You might do anything.
You are a man, Mr. Rivers,
and might do anything.
I am a woman and might do nothing.
Chuck diggers on a bitch of hearts. Ain't she slow.
What's that?
Are we expecting any one?
Open up!
If it's the blues, we're done for!
Open the door!
Sovereigns. Under the fire.
Come on! Open up.
- Open the door! - Damn my fingers!
Never mind your fingers, think about your neck!
We're all tidy?
All right, all right!
It's gentleman.
Take a taper to them candles, Sue.
Put a brew on Dainty.
Gentleman told us he'd gambled away his fortune.
He was obliged to get money the old fashion way.
By thievery, and dodging.
I worked on the old man's catalogue in the morning
and in the afternoon I worked on her.
Taught painting that is.
Her maid, Agnes, was the most agreeable chaperon.
Love as love will was finding its way.
At the end of the week the agreeable Agnes gets scarlet fever.
They had to send her home Ireland.
The house keeper with bad grace takes over
temporarily and is as tight on the girl as a corset.
Said she had no time to chaperon.
No more painting.
Damn it and I was nearly there!
Where's there gentleman?
She's as rich...
as a queen, Mr. Ibbs.
How rich?
Thirty thousand in ready.
Ten thousand in funds. Left to her in her mother's will.
She can't touch it unless she marries.
And her uncle makes sure she never will by keeping her close.
That house is her prison.
Are you going to marry her?
Well, then I can do what I like with her.
When her uncle asks a few questions about you?
That's why I've become the exemplary Mr. Richard Rivers.
I will...
marry her!
With the help...
of Sue.
You're gonna become her friend.
Persuade her to trust me.
To run away and marry me!
Why me?
A fingersmith with a heart of gold, Sue.
No good in making a bleeding maid out of me, Mrs. Sucksby.
Why take my Sue?
Because she's yours,
and I know she can do it.
And how would you cut the shine?
Sue will get two thousand pounds.
Dainty will do it!
I've been a maid, ain't I?
Stuck in that pin in the ladies arse, as I recalled.
She was an old bitch.
You're the old bitch.
Think of all the money we lost.
Where is this place?
Out in the country.
Don't know where the bleeding country is.
I'm a Londoner. Never been out of the smoke have I?
Get on, she would never accept me.
You're my old nurse’s child!
Susan Smith.
You would have an impeccable character reference
from Lady Stonely of Curson Crimson Mayfair.
Oh she'll to swallow it, the girls never been to London.
She's a bit simple. A pigeon.
It'll be a bit of a holiday for you, Sue.
And it'll work.
Bleeding long holiday if it don't.
I won't do it.
Not for two.
I want three thousand pounds.
Take it or leave it.
What's that?
Another application for my personal maid, uncle,
a recommendation from Mr. Rivers.
"Susan has been maiden for a lady who's been married and gone to India."
"So she has lost her place."
"Susan is a very good girl," I wrote, but...
and I put this rather well, I think.
"I fear that she will go to the bad unless
she finds further employment."
You never wrote that. You never!
Oh my God!
Who's this cape?
Your job.
Yeah, you have to dress her.
Take them off.
Maids don't wear bangles.
You have to warm it.
For gods sake!
Would you mind raising your arms, Miss?
Sue, how many more times?
Bleeding frill!
She's a lady.
She'll pick up like anything with me and Sue to teach her
Why don't you die!
There you sweet little bitch!
What happens after you're married?
I told you she's a bit simple.
Living with her uncle will tip her over the brink.
After we're married I'll put her in the mad house
and there she'll stay.
I need your help to get her there.
You don't know that.
It's in her blood, her mother was mad and she'll end up there any way.
Take it or leave it Sue, that's for the extra thousand.
Three thousand pounds Sue.
And you can have any of the lady's frocks and jewels.
She won't need it in the mad house.
Is there anything else you haven't told me?
That's it.
Now, undress her.
I shall be glad to meet Miss Susan Smith.
All the more so Mr. Rivers.
Because she will have...
Come to me from a Londoner!
Ladies and gentlemen, a toast to Sue.
Sue, Sue!
Susan Smith.
Sue dear.
Here's your character from the gentleman’s best hand.
He'll see you to the coach and join you in a month’s time.
You look a picture, a real picture.
I wouldn't like to do it, Mrs. Sucksby.
Ain't it a mean trick to plan on that poor girl?
Your mother would have done it and don't give me the salt.
She would have had dread you doing it but, by God, she'd a been proud.
Sue, are you coming?
If they catch me, will they hang me?
They will, won't they?
Do you think it hurts when they drop you?
No... no.
Just a bit... but...
they ties the knots special for the ladies so it's quick.
What is this sort of talk? That's not going to happen.
You're going to make us all rich.
- I am, aren't I? - Come on, you'll miss the coach.
Take her out quick, I don't wanna see it.
We've never been parted before.
I think she took it worser than I did.
The country! I never knew there was so much of it!
Mile after bleeding mile.
Miss Smith?
Leave that till the morning.
We keep early hours at Bryar.
And Mr. Lilly cannot bare noise.
If I had known how to get out of that bleeding place I would have scarped there and then.
But when I saw her
I thought
this is gonna be easy.
Is all right Miss?
That is very satisfactory Susan.
- May I call you Susan? - Yes, Miss
Thank you Miss.
You read of course?
A bit.
My uncle is a scholar.
Books are a very important part of life at Bryar.
Please, read me something. Anything.
Our father...
which art in heaven...
I don't read.
Oh god!
I might be it taught. Miss.
No, I shouldn't allow it!
Not to be able to read...
I sometimes think how wonderful that would be.
When my rooms in order collect me at the library at one.
You mean... I'm to start right away Miss?
Yes, of course.
She was an odd one, all right.
Didn't think she was cracked.
Not like what gentleman said.
Oh! Thank you Miss!
- Your coin, Miss? - Get out
Go on.
Oh my lord!
Mrs. Stiles, you did startle me.
I was just trying to put Miss Mauds things in order.
So I see.
These should be given each morning to Mr. Way, Miss Steward.
It's his little perk, is it?
The pieces of soap that Miss Maud leaves on her wash stand
you may keep.
Thank you Mrs. Stiles.
But I'd really not like to.
It hated Miss Alice, she would have thought it thieving.
As you wish.
Who the devil are you?
My new maid, uncle.
The finger! Girl, the finger!
You must not go beyond there.
Does she have a name?
- Susan... - Softer
Her name is Susan Smith, uncle.
Teach her to speak softly.
I will, uncle.
Mrs. Stiles keeps the most careful account of wood and coal.
Tell her we're economize by burning down the candles right down to the wick.
Don't you worry about her, Miss.
I know her kind.
Do you know my uncles kind?
I'm sure he's very clever Miss.
Writing a big dictionary.
The servants say.
I'm sorry Susan.
I should have warned you.
It's alright, Miss.
I certainly won't go over the "finger" in the future.
They're very nice Miss.
Oh, Susan, they're terrible!
But I do hope to improve under Mr. Rivers.
I trust he is well?
Very well indeed Miss... and sends his compliments.
He looks forward very much to seeing you at the end of the month.
Do you consider him handsome?
Lady Stoning consider him one of the most handsome men in London, Miss.
I think Mr. Rivers is a good man.
Very good indeed, Miss.
Ah... Ahh... Agnes!
Is everything all right Miss?
Quickly get my drops!
I've taken the medicine ever since I came here as a child.
And I'm still afraid of my own dreams.
Stay with me!
No, I can't do that Miss.
That's how it was.
That night...
and all the following nights...
She needed drops and me...
to help her sleep.
We were always together, like sisters.
Like the sister neither of us had ever had.
She wasn't odd.
It was only living in that horrible place that made her seem so.
She never left it.
Never went beyond the river.
She never danced, never played games.
Like me she had never had a sweet heart.
And as the weeks past, I forgot gentleman.
I only had that old brown dress.
But she gave me some of her own.
This is your past.
A kind lady with a good heart.
Parting, strife.
An older gentleman.
Very stern, I have no idea who that might be, do you, Miss?
Who's that?
A young man.
I will...
marry her!
With a good heart.
Don't go on Sue.
But I must, Miss!
Or your luck will desert you!
Ah, a journey.
After we're married I'll put her in the mad house and there she'll stay.
Perhaps a journey of the heart.
Show me the last one.
It should have been the love card,
but I had dropped it.
I don't like your fortune telling, Sue!
I want to hear about London.
What steps they do for the balls.
I shall dance, in London.
Shalln't I Sue?
She could dance like a coal heaver, for all he cared.
So long as she as she had forty thousands pound in the bank.
Shalln't I?
It's so sharp.
Shh, open.
Saw right where it cut you.
Sit down.
I used to do this with Mrs. Sucksbys infants.
Who's Mrs. Sucksby?
A parlour maid went bad, had twins.
Open wide.
Keep still.
Mr. Wade! It's Mr. Rivers!
Mr. Rivers is back!
He must have caught the earlier train.
It hit me then.
How happy I was.
And how much I hated gentleman.
I cannot receive him, can I?
What an earth shall I do?
I wanted to shout out to Maud.
He don't love you!
He's here to steal your fortune.
And put you in the mad house.
But she wouldn't have believed me.
Welcome back Mr. Rivers, Sir.
my boots have been missing you.
I'll polish them up like mirrors, Mr. Rivers.
I've missed you sir.
- Mr. Way. - Sir.
Mrs. Stiles.
Wonderful to be back at Briar.
Miss Lilly, how very kind of you to receive me.
Welcome to Briers Mr. River.
Miss Lilly.
I do apologize.
I'm in such a tumbled travelled stained state.
Would you rather be taken to your rooms?
No, no, no!
Miss, this greeting is refreshing me more.
It is Susan Smith.
I have got that right at least?
Yes Sir.
Do you like your place here?
Yes Sir.
I hope you're proving you're a good girl to your mistress, Susan.
Susan is very good.
I thought she would be.
With you as her example.
You're too kind, Mr. Rivers.
Who could not be...
with you to be kind to?
The pictures for the catalog must be mounted in three weeks, Rivers.
They'll be done, Sir.
Three weeks.
He spent one week on still life.
Still death more like it.
And another week...
on landscape.
He got nowhere.
Fresh sheet.
For our first landscape.
You have an eye for the essence of things.
Has she not, Susan?
You just need..
You can speak plainly to me, Mr. Rivers.
I'm not a child.
If I could only take you to London to my studio there.
You have no lack of talent, Miss Lilly, in terms of artistic creation.
You only lack what your sex as a whole lacks.
And what is that?
The liberty of mind.
Nearly ripe, I think.
Drops, bad dreams. Good. Excellent. Does she talk about me though?
She talks about nothing else.
About marriage?
Why don't you ask her to marry you?
I'll fight her a dead end if I was making a wrong move.
Next week the prints will be done and I have to leave.
You'll have to work on her harder.
Convince her she's in love with me.
Damn it Sue, that girl's worth three thousand pounds to you!
I saw what the evil bastard was about.
He was going to kiss her.
But not on her lips.
Somewhere better.
Much better.
I'm so sorry I have to rush back to that wretched print.
You will be all right, Maud? Are you sure?
Hooked, but you must draw her in.
I'll take these, Susan.
Get your mistress back to the house.
Mr. Rivers has asked me to marry him.
Are you not pleased?
What is it?
A surprise Miss.
I'm pleased.
I'm gladder than anything in the world.
Than I am sad because I have not said yes to him.
How can I?
My uncle will never agree.
Mr. Rivers says we might go away at night.
Get married in a small church near here.
Susan, look kindly on foolish lovers.
I'm sure the lights are better in the next room.
I'm ever so sorry, Mr. Rivers.
But Mr. Lily wouldn't like it.
What the hell are you playing at?
Keep your hands off her.
She don't want it.
Don't want it?
- The pigeon is crying out for it. - I'll cry and they'll be able to hear.
She have to go to the mad house.
If you are going soft on me now Sue,
I'll drop you.
My own nurse will be taken ill and need her sweet little niece
and you'll be back in Lant Street with nothing!
I'll tell her and Mr. Lilly, I'll tell her!
Tell her what you stupid bitch?
What you came her to do?
She's gone to far to believe you.
She must marry me now,
or be as good as ruined, locked up here for the rest of her life.
I'm her only way out.
He says if I am his wife, my uncle cannot touch me.
What shall I do?
Follow your heart Miss.
You love him.
Do I?
Don't your heart beat faster when you see him?
Or when he kisses you?
Oh Miss, don't you love him?
You might say no.
Say no?
And watch him leave?
Don't you think I should then wonder over and over again
what sort of life I might have had?
- Oh Miss! - Yes?
What is it?
Your mother would have done it and not given it a thought.
What is it Sue?
Three thousand pounds Sue.
Marry him Miss.
Mr. Rivers loves you.
And love never hurt a flea.
All right, I will.
But only if you'll come with me. To London.
Will you Sue?
Be my maiden chum in London?
Say you will.
I understand the parson is...
sympathetic to...
affairs of the heart?
How soon?
It must be this week.
And we need somewhere quite to stay.
I have a cottage you could use.
Thank you Sir.
Very much indeed.
The wedding was fixed.
They were going to elope in two days time, and marry at midnight.
On her wedding night, what must a wife do?
I know you're awake.
- For god sake, Miss! - What?
You must know.
I know something from books...
How can you know it from books?
You are right. I know nothing, nothing, nothing!
What will happen?
Will he kiss me?
I should think so Miss.
On your lips.
Is that it?
No Miss. The kissing starts you off.
It'll come to you, Miss.
Dancing didn't come to me.
It was very difficult, you had to teach me!
Miss Maud!
I don't think kissing's going to start me off.
Mr. River's kisses never have.
You're a beautiful young girl.
Look, give me you lips.
No.. Not like that.
Imagine that I'm Mr. Rivers.
Did you feel it?
It's a curious...
- wanting thing. - That's right.
You wants Mr. Rivers.
- No, I can't do it, Sue. - You can.
You must do it now, I mean.
It do know what they mean.
I mean you must do it sometime, mustn't you Miss?
I'm afraid.
Don't be frightened.
I want to..
once it's started..
Good morning, Miss.
What a wonderful thick sleep I had.
And no drops.
And no dreams.
The only one.
I think.
I think you're in it Sue.
You're marrying Mr. Rivers today.
I don't think so.
Anything more I can do for you before you leave, Mr. Rivers?
We shall be leaving too.
Miss Lilly! Hello?
If I had said I love you.
She'd had said it back.
And everything would have been different.
I might have saved her.
I might have found a way.
To keep her from her fate.
Thank you, thank you.
Thank you Mr. Ways,
and Mrs. Stiles.
I hope it will not be too long until we meet again, Miss Lilly.
I hope not Mr. Rivers.
Until tonight, don't be late.
All that long day
I packed, secretly.
Getting ready to escape from Briar to the wedding at midnight.
Why don't you wear this dress, Miss?
It's your wedding night.
No, I gave it to you.
I'm quite happy with this one, thank you.
What are you thinking?
I was thinking
this was the one you were doing when he proposed to you, Miss.
Six hours to go.
Time and time again I nearly told her
he was a villain.
Her uncle would have had me locked up.
I could hear Lant Street laughing.
Me, in love with a girl!
I'll get the bags.
What the devil is going on?
Who's there?
It's only me, uncle.
Don't wake everyone else up.
This way.
Quickly, quickly Miss Maud.
I Require...
as he will answer on that dreadful day of judgement...
that the secrets of our hearts should be disclosed.
That if either of you know any impediment why ye may not be lawfully joined in matrimony,
ye do now confess it.
Who giveth this woman to be married to this man?
Wilt thou have this man to thy wedded husband
to live together after God alternates to the holy state of matrimony.
Wilt thy obey him and serve him, love, honour and keep him in sickness and in health
and forsaking all other, keep thee only onto him so long as you both shall live?
I will.
The ring, like everything else, was bad.
He hadn't even bothered to get a gold one.
We went from church to a nearby cottage.
Where I prepared her for her wedding night.
Look at me.
It's cold, Miss.
Let's get this on.
Look at me, Sue!
Come here.
You did it before, to the sake of tonight.
We were not dreaming, were we?
It was just to start you off, Miss.
Were we...
Please, Miss...
I have to feel you on me
as I can feel your lips on me.
I want to feel you inside me.
She wants you to dress her.
Maud’s' discovered the meaning of true love, Sue?
It's already half way to the mad house.
Now you must finish her off.
Here, please see to Mrs. Rivers Susan. She's not well at all.
- Morning, Sir. - Morning.
I'm really rather worried about her, she's talking so strangely.
Morning, Miss.
We never charges extra for them, unless they go through the mattress
How is she?
Taking it hard, is she?
Harder ain't the word for it, Mrs. Green.
Mr. Rivers dotes on her
He can't...
I'd say the same myself.
You can rely on me never to gossip, Miss
She's troubled... up here.
You know?
Something missing, you mean?
disturbed, more like.
That's why Mr. Rivers brought her to this nice quiet place.
To calm her.
Calm her?
She's not going to get violent and throw things around, is she?
Nothing like that, no.
What goes on in her head.
Know what I mean?
But why can't we go to London, Richard?
You're not well enough to travel, my sweet.
But I'm perfectly well. Aren't I Sue?
A few days of help will put colour on those cheeks.
I hate it here, I...
Morning, Madam.
Everything fresh?
Those eggs haven't been out of the hen five minutes.
She certainly hate me.
Oh, Maud.
And I hate her.
If I thought it would help I would carry you to the station to my house in London.
There is nothing I want more!
Look at you.
I'm afraid.
What is there to be afraid about, my sweet?
She ate almost nothing.
Took more and more drops.
A week of that... and she cracked easy.
She thought he wouldn't want her, looking like that.
But it was exactly what he did want the mad house doctors to say.
The only thing that amused her was to dress me
in her fine ladies clothes just as she had done at Briar.
- There you are Sue. - Oh!
I knew it!
That color just matches your hair.
Your eyes!
You look quite the beauty.
It's Mr. Rivers, friends from London, Ma'am.
They've come to meet you.
Is it this afternoon?
- I've forgotten. - Maud, Maud! Visitors from London.
Will you receive them dear?
Not just now, Richard.
Susan, can you spare me a moment?
Don't let them hurt her.
Hurt her?
They won't hurt her, she's money.
These men are scoundrels.
But they're medical scoundrels.
And they won't take her today.
And they won't take her at all unless they are sure she qualifies for their care and attention.
You know how to answer their questions, don't you?
Do I?
Don't make game of me Sue,
not when we're so close!
Do you want to go back to Mrs. Sucksby with nothing?
We're friends of Mr. Rivers and...
would like to ask you a few questions about his marriage, his new wife.
My mistress, Sir.
Your mistress.
Just refresh my memory. Who's your mistress?
Mrs. Rivers, of course.
I'll say, what was Miss Lilly.
Thank you.
Mrs Rivers, what was..
Who was Miss Lilly. Yes.
And you are?
Her maid Sir.
And your name is?
Susan Smith.
You seem to hesitate.
That is your name?
You're quite sure?
If I know anything, Sir, I know my own name.
And how did you meet your Mistress.
I was with Lady Alice Stonely in Kirtston Crescent, Mayfair.
When she went abroad.
She's grown so...
I'm afraid she'll do herself harm.
Thank you.
You'll keep her safe so much.
We will.
She's so kind. So good. So loving.
You will keep her some place special.
Where no one will hurt her.
There, there.
You mustn't be so distressed.
She's been very lucky to have such a good and faithful servant.
Very lucky indeed.
- Now, if we could see... - This way, doctors.
As you can see doctors, the case is quite severe.
We will send the carriage out tomorrow afternoon
Mr. Rivers, rest assured,
it was the right thing.
Your eyes are a little brighter.
- Are they? - Don't you think so Susan?
Oh, such a fool.
You only wanted a little company to bring you back to life.
You were right.
You need London.
What do you think Maud?
Christine Graves is so eager for us to join them in Chelsea,
they're offering their carriage to take us there tomorrow.
So soon?
we're going to a great house,
with fine quite rooms and good servants.
Just for you.
She was so taken with me in that gown.
She wouldn't let me change it.
I kept it on to make her happy.
Good day Mr. Rivers.
Miss Smith.
Mrs. Rivers.
Mrs. Rivers?
Don't struggle Mrs. Rivers.
We're here to help you.
It's not me you want, it's Mrs. Rivers.
- Come along now. - Tell her, gentlemen.
Tell her!
Still the same sad old fiction.
I'm not Mrs. Rivers!
I'm Susan Smith!
Of Kirtston Crescent, Mayfair?
There's no such place, Mrs. Rivers.
You know that.
Don't struggle or you'll ruin your hat and dress.
You bloody swine!
You're filth!
There is no place for wash like that out here.
Mrs. Rivers!
You stupid sods
don't you see what he's gone and done?
Let me go, let me go!
It's not me you want it's..
What are you staring at Mrs. Rivers?
Surely you know your own maid?
Oh my own poor mistress.
That bitch.
That bitch knew everything. She had been in on it from the start.
No! No!
Maud! Maud! Maud!
Poor Sue.
She thought she knew me.
She thought me innocent.
But I was worldly in ways she never suspected.
I knew everything.
And yet nothing.
Remember that to my story that follows.
To understand how I could do such things
I must go back to the day Mr. Rivers first came to Briar.


Fingersmith.~ Part.1/2 [Sub.Еspañol-Inglés]

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