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  • Hello, Andrea from ITN. Lovely to meet you.

  • You too. Beautiful dress!

  • -Oh same for you. It's gorgeous. -Thank you.

  • Now wow, what an incredible cast to work with.

  • Unbelievable, unbelievable.

  • When you found out you got the role, what was your reaction?

  • I actually cried. I was just... I knew I wanted it so much. I was a huge fan of Russell's,

  • of Jennifer's, of Anthony Hopkins, massive fan of Darren's. It was a really big moment

  • for me, yeah.

  • And lots of girls very jealous. You got to snog Douglas Booth.

  • I know, I know. You know, I've actually done incredibly well. I got to snog Logan in The

  • Perks of Being a Wallflower, and now I've kissed Douglas, So I've been very lucky, very lucky.

  • And during filming, what was the highlight for you? Was there one scene in particular?

  • Was it when you first saw the arc?

  • Actually, it was. I remember, you know, driving. We built the arc to scale in Long Island,

  • just outside of New York and seeing it to scale for the first time just really gave

  • me a sense of how big what I was apart of and the potential impact that this movie could

  • have. It was just incredible. Really, really amazing.

  • And the first day you met Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins, Ray Winstone, were you nervous?

  • I was incredibly nervous. I was very shaky on my feet. You know, Russell is an incredible

  • actor. The body of his work is unbelievable. Anthony Hopkins is a living legend. Jennifer

  • Connelly is basically the most beautiful woman that's ever walked the Earth. I mean, it was.

  • Yeah, it was unbelievable.

  • And fans want to know, are you going to be the Little Mermaid?

  • Oh. Well, you know. I know Sofia's been cast to direct that, and I think it'll be an amazing

  • project. I haven't actually seen or heard anything about it yet, but I'd be really intrigued

  • to read a script.

  • And I heard you did once dress as Ariel for a birthday party.

  • I did. My fifth birthday party, and my dad dressed up as King Titan.

  • -See? It's meant to be. -Maybe.

Hello, Andrea from ITN. Lovely to meet you.


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