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  • Hi! this is Ihsan with spiritual In the short training video

  • I'm going to explain to you how you can overcome laziness in 4 simple steps. As human beings we have a limited amount of willpower

  • There's only so much force that we can exert ourselves on a daily basis to take action.

  • The key to overcoming laziness and getting into action is motivation .

  • We need to gain leverage over ourselves

  • and as human beings we are either running away from something

  • or tore something at all times . We are trying to avoid pain

  • or to gain pleasure, we are either afraid of something

  • or we are hopeful for something, there's a desire

  • So understanding these two forces and how you can use it to gain leverage over yourself

  • is key and critical to actually overcoming laziness,

  • getting into action. So here the four simple steps

  • you may want have a pen and paper handy when you go through this exercise

  • The first thing you want to do is simply ask yourself: What am I trying to avoid?

  • What do I not want ? Be very clear about the result and the consequence of not taking action

  • The second question you want to ask yourself is what do I want?

  • What is it that I am actually aiming for ? What is it that I could potentially achieve if I were to take action? If I were to move myself

  • and really do whatever it takes to actually get a result . What is the

  • best possible outcome? So number two : What do I want ? The third step in this process is to ask yourself

  • What's the next step that I can take, simply the next step

  • not every step along the way but just next one

  • If that means putting on your shoes,if that means just simply

  • getting to the gym , if that means simply opening your computer ,and what whatever happens to be

  • What's the next step I can take and take that step

  • and fourth, repeat the whole process. Just go back to number one

  • remember what it is you're trying to avoid . Number two, be very clear about what you can gain and what you will gain by taking action.

  • Number three, what's the next step

  • So after you taking the the first step previously, you go through the process again

  • What's the next step now. And you just keep doing that on a daily basis

  • everyday simply taking one step, if you're able to move one step closer to goal

  • every single day , you will get there ,and that's the key thing to remember

  • Rome was not built in a day, and you can't eat an elephant a single bite. So simply realizing that

  • goals and achievements take time.

  • Is very important to not getting stuck in laziness and in activity

  • and authurgy .And I'll give you one last hint

  • When we're attempting to get ourselves into action

  • by either running away from something or running toward something, running

  • toward something have a very having a very clear vision

  • a goal is far more powerful in attempting to avoid something

  • We can only again even if we're trying to avoid something or still exhorting

  • force ourself or pushing ourselves.

  • The key to success is to have a vision so compelling so attractive

  • that it pulls you towards it and then the entire process becomes

  • effortless . So again briefly repeat the 4 steps

  • What am I trying to avoid ,what do I want

  • what's the next step and take that step

  • and spending a little bit of time whether it's 5 minutes a day

  • or 10 minutes a day on that process are on the

  • clarification and the visualization of your fear

  • of your goal can be extremely powerful to getting into action

  • and in a very short amount of time you'll be amazed at how much parts you can make

  • To define success. Again this is Ihsan with spiritual

Hi! this is Ihsan with spiritual In the short training video


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4つのステップで怠惰を克服する方法 (How To Overcome Laziness In 4 Steps)

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