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  • Every single day, the human race produces around 70 billion farts - meaning roughly 10 of those are yours!

    毎日、人類は約700億個の<a href='#post_comment_1'>farts<i class="icon-star"></i>を生産しています</a> - つまり、そのうち約10個はあなたのものです。

  • But why doesn't your gas seem half as smelly as those around you?


  • Why do we like the smell of our own farts?


  • Hilarious as it may seem, scientists have actually confirmed the fact that, in blind-smell tests, we truly do find our own smells much more appealing than others.


  • Simply put, the more familiar you are with something, whether it be a song, picture or even a smell, the more likely you are to prefer it.


  • And because the bacterial population in your body producing these smells is completely unique from every other individual, our farts truly have a one-of-a-kind brand that your nose can differentiate.

    そして、これらのにおいを生産するあなたの体の細菌集団は、他のすべての個人から完全にユニークであるため、私たちのおならは本当にあなたの鼻が区別することができます<a href='#post_comment_2'>一点もの<i class="icon-star"></i>ブランドを持っています</a>。

  • But, from an evolutionary perspective, our reaction of disgust to other people's odor is likely our brains' attempt to prevent us from doing harm to our own bodies


  • specifically interacting with sources of disease.


  • When you think of it, most things that don't smell good, aren't good for you.


  • And the greater the risk of disease, the more intense your response will be.


  • Surprising as it may seem, farts can spread disease.


  • In fact, there are many reported cases of farts spreading Streptococcus pyogenes, a pathogen that can cause tonsillitis, scarlet fever, heart disease and even flesh eating disease.

    実際、オナラが扁桃炎や猩紅熱、心臓病、さらには肉を食べる病気の原因となる病原体であるレンサ球菌(Streptococcus pyogenes)を蔓延させている事例が多数報告されています。

  • Seriously, the pathogen is expelled as fecal matter or poop particles in the air.


  • Of course, this was a major concern for our ancestors who ran around naked, but for us underwear or pant wearing folks, farts don't pose a real threat.


  • And it's important that we've adapted to like our own odors, so that we can maintain proper hygiene.


  • In the same way, mothers perceive their biological children's poop as less offensive than others, which allows them to take care of them without disgust.


  • Of course, some of you may be thinking “I don't find farts disgusting at all”- and you're not alone.

    もちろん、中には「オナラは全然気持ち悪いと思わない」と思っている人もいるでしょうし、<a href='#post_comment_3'>あなただけではありません。

  • Perception of disgust is a combination of variables like age, gender, culture and even personality.


  • So much so that people who are more anxious or socially conservative are often more sensitive to stink than their adventure seeking friends.

    <a href='#post_comment_4'>それだけ<i class="icon-star"></i>不安や社会的に保守的な人は、冒険を求める友人よりも悪臭に敏感なことが多いということです。

  • The anterior cingulate cortex, which processes surprise, also plays a big role.


  • When we fart we know it, and can anticipate the accompanying smell.


  • But when somebody rips a silent but deadly fart into a crowded room, the brains expectations of reality are smashed by the negative stimulus, making it all seem even more foul.


  • So next time you feel a silent stinker coming on, you might want to give everyone a heads up.

    だから、次回は<a href='#post_comment_5'>サイレントスティンカー<i class="icon-star"></i>が来ていると感じるときは、みんなに注意を促したいかもしれません。

  • Unless of course, you're alone; then you can bask in the glory of your own stench.


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Every single day, the human race produces around 70 billion farts - meaning roughly 10 of those are yours!

毎日、人類は約700億個の<a href='#post_comment_1'>farts<i class="icon-star"></i>を生産しています</a> - つまり、そのうち約10個はあなたのものです。


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