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  • My name is Tahl Leibovitz and I'm here at SPiN, New York. I am a professional table

  • tennis player who has been competing internationally since 1995. I am here today to speak to you

  • about the intermediate and beginner aspects of the Olympic sport of table tennis.

  • Right now I'm going to demonstrate tips on how to improve your serve. There's a few things

  • that are really, really important. One thing is that when you serve - probably the most

  • important thing - is when you contact the ball it should be as low as possible. So you're

  • throwing the ball and once it's falling, a lot of players they contact the ball here.

  • Now when you contact the ball here it's higher than the net, so because it's higher than

  • the net, the bounce on your opponent's side will be higher than the net. So what you need

  • to do is you need to let the ball fall as low as you can because when you do serve the

  • ball and it gets to your opponent's side you want it to bounce lower than the net. A good

  • quality serve is when you serve the ball and it's on your opponent's side and it's lower

  • than the net. A player named Kang Liang Hu he was able to do this with the backhand very

  • effectively. He's able to serve the ball and it went lower on the opponent's side. And

  • the reason this is very effective is because when the ball is lower than the net on your

  • opponent's side they can't make an aggressive stroke, they can't move their racket forward,

  • it's very difficult, they need to move their racket upwards. And when they move their racket

  • upwards the ball is slower and it gives you more time.

  • The other thing is when we serve we try to use our legs, our hips and our arms, so we

  • try to transfer everything, our legs, hips, arms. Everything together. The other thing

  • that's important is hitting different parts of the ball when you serve. Experiment with

  • serves, you know, sometimes try to hit the bottom of the ball, try to hit the top of

  • the ball, try to hit the side. What else is also very, very important is to be able to

  • get the racket to go quickly through the ball. And this happens where we do two things: we

  • start slow but once we get closer to the ball we try to tighten our forearm a little bit

  • tighter and pass through the ball quicker. So what we're doing is we're sort of transferring

  • everything, we're sort of really trying to get quick.

  • Now some basic serves you might want to work on because you might want to try these serves

  • where you're getting through the ball really quickly, through the ball. Even these. Once

  • you can get your racket to pass through the ball you can impart very good spin on the

  • ball and this is going to really help you to get a good service. So that's some tips

  • on service.

My name is Tahl Leibovitz and I'm here at SPiN, New York. I am a professional table


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