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  • Humanity takes center stage at TED, but I would like to add a voice for the animals,

    翻訳: Moe Shoji 校正: Kazunori Akashi

  • whose bodies and minds and spirits shaped us.


  • Some years ago, it was my good fortune to meet a tribal elder on an island not far from Vancouver.


  • His name is Jimmy Smith, and he shared a story with me that is told among his people, who call themselves the Kwikwasut'inuxw.

    動物の体や心や精神が 私たちを形作っているからです

  • Once upon a time, he told me, all animals on Earth were one.

    数年前 私は幸運なことに

  • Even though they look different on the outside, inside, they're all the same,


  • and from time to time they would gather at a sacred cave deep inside the forest to celebrate their unity.


  • When they arrived, they would all take off their skins.


  • Raven shed his feathers, bear his fur, and salmon her scales, and then, they would dance.


  • But one day, a human made it to the cave and laughed at what he saw because he did not understand.


  • Embarrassed, the animals fled, and that was the last time they revealed themselves this way.

    彼らはクイックワースータヌーク族と 自らを呼んでいます

  • The ancient understanding that underneath their separate identities, all animals are one, has been a powerful inspiration to me.

    彼が言うには 昔々―

  • I like to get past the fur, the feathers and the scales.


  • I want to get under the skin.


  • No matter whether I'm facing a giant elephant or a tiny tree frog, my goal is to connect us with them, eye to eye.

    中身は みな同じで

  • You may wonder, do I ever photograph people? Sure.

    折に触れて 動物たちは 森の奥深くにある

  • People are always present in my photos, no matter whether they appear to portray tortoises or cougars or lions.


  • You just have to learn how to look past their disguise.


  • As a photographer, I try to reach beyond the differences in our genetic makeup to appreciate all we have in common with every other living thing.


  • When I use my camera, I drop my skin like the animals at that cave so I can show who they really are.


  • As animals blessed with the power of rational thought, we can marvel at the intricacies of life.

    オオガラスは羽根を クマは毛皮を

  • As citizens of a planet in trouble, it is our moral responsibility to deal with the dramatic loss in diversity of life.


  • But as humans with hearts, we can all rejoice in the unity of life, and perhaps we can change what once happened in that sacred cave.


  • Let's find a way to join the dance.

    ところが ある日 1人の人間が洞窟にたどり着き

  • Thank you.


Humanity takes center stage at TED, but I would like to add a voice for the animals,

翻訳: Moe Shoji 校正: Kazunori Akashi


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B1 中級 日本語 TED 動物 捨て 毛皮 生命 向こう側

TED】フランズ・ランティング。動物界に声を与える写真 (動物界に声を与える写真|Frans Lanting) (【TED】Frans Lanting: Photos that give voice to the animal kingdom (Photos that give voice to the animal kingdom | Frans Lanting))

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