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What's happening??
It's the end of the world.
How could you possibly even know that?
Because this weird guy in the woods told me it was.
Don't worry about it, I have a plan!
We're just gonna out run this earthquake, steal an airplane..
dodge all the buildings as the city collapses into the ocean...
fly all the way back to Yellowstone..
get the special map that tells us where the secret government spaceships are...
outrun a thermonuclear volcanic eruption...
land in Vegas so we can get an even bigger plane...
hopefully someone we already know will conveniently be there with access to a bigger plane..
We'll convince them to take us with them and right before the ash cloud destroys Las Vegas...
we'll fly towards Hawaii...
which will actually be on fire when we get there. But luckily the Earth's magnetic field will suddenly..
shift about 1000 miles and we'll magically crash land in the exact vicinity of the secret arks
we were searching for all along.
And then, even though the secret arks will be heavily guarded and there's no possible way they'd just let us in...
We'll miraculously run into some locals who happen to be sneaking on board as well.
Who will take pity on us and help us sneak onto the ark right at the last possible second!
And then, most of us will be saved.
Does that sound like a plan?
Then let's go!!
(deep breath)
New plan.
Everybody dog paddle
Jackson, it's over.
Yea, I know..
So what did you mean by, "most of us will be saved?"
Huh? Oh, Uh, nothing. Nothing
Don't worry about it.
Oh ok.
You had me worried there for a moment.
Like I might be the one that dies and somehow everyone is okay with it 2 minutes later.
You know?
Nope, nope, you're good man.
Welcome to the family.


How 2012 Should Have Ended

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cinderella 2014 年 11 月 1 日 に公開
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