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What's up player? A recent study has shown the number one fear for women dating online is that they're going to meet a serial killer.
The number one fear for men?
That the woman they meet is going to be fat.
So today we're going to test that theory.
We had our friend Sara lined up a few dates on Tinder.
The catch is when her dates arrive, Sara is going to weigh a little more than her photo suggests.
Yeah are you Sara? – Hi, yeah yeah!
Hi! – Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you too. Have a seat.
How are you? – I'm good. How are you?
I'm..I'm good.
It's me! – You look a little different than... your picture.
How old is your picture on your Tinder?
Umm…not super old…
It's like maybe 6 months ago.
Oh my god. You are so much cuter in person.
Thank you. – Yeah.
You actually…you look just like your photo it's so crazy.
I saw you over there and I was like I…I'm like 99 percent sure that's him.
I can't say the same.
You look… quite different.
Oh nice! -You actually look so much different than your picture.
You know you're the first person to tell me that? – Oh really? -Isn't that funny?
I think…I think…well maybe it's true. I've been trying on this new lipstick.
What do you…What do you think?
I really…I really love the color.
I just love that like reds are so big this season.
I don't mean to be rude but… in your photos you're…a lot skinnier.
You look kind of more voluptuous.
Maybe it's…maybe if I just turn this way?
No I don't think so no. –No?
Well hey, different is good! Right, you know?
Depends yeah, I guess.
Umm...so you clicked on my profile for a reason.
Are you pregnant?
No, I'm not. I'm not pregnant.
You like to eat? – I do, I do. Yeah, yeah.
I have like a 13 course meal out.
Oh my god! That'd be great!
I'm sorry you just seem very uncomfortable. Are you okay?
Yeah no… I'm just a little agitated.
When you expect something to be some way and it's not.
This is me. It's all about you know what's inside I think.
Some people see it that way. Some…some people don't.
I've been on Tinder for probably a month now but Tinder is not really my thing.
Oh okay, more of a match.com guy?
Yeah I'm not…I'm not too sure about online dating anymore.
Oh…hmm. – Yeah.
I really don't appreciate people lying to me.
The dude just left.
It's really upsetting. I'm a little upset, I wasted gas and my time to come over here and…I can't do this.
I mean I feel really bad about this.
I know you came out here and I came out here from Tinder and stuff. – yeah, yeah.
But I'm…I'm actually married.
So…thank you though.
Uh…I need to use the restroom real quickly.
Oh yeah, oh yeah. – Do you know if there's one?
Actually umm…I think if you just go around the corner over here.
I'll be back. – Okay great.
I think it's been like 15 minutes.
I don't think he's coming back.
So I have to admit I haven't been… totally honest with you.
This is not…this is not actually me.
I have on…I have on makeup and everything and this is actually a social experiment.
If you'll look there, and right there, and over there, – Oh man! -There are some cameras.
Like you've been filming this?- I know! Isn't that crazy?
Hold on…hold on… so you're not fat?
Dude what? Wow! -But I have to tell you. You are the only one that stuck around and was like really sweet and really nice.
Thanks for staying.
I…you know I like to be nice, you know.
It's good! That 4 other guys they all peaced out. – Really?
I know. Isn't that crazy?
Hey you know that sucks to be them.
Hey guys so we did the same exact experiment with the roles reverse.
Click here to find out what happens when a guy puts on a fat suit.
Also, be sure to subscribe to our channel
because we're going to put up some amazing videos
and you don't want to miss them.
See you next time.



Fat Girl Tinder Date (Social Experiment)

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