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  • British English v.s. American English pronunciation.

  • From you might be able to recognize a British accent or an American accent.

  • But do you know the details of the pronunciation differences?

  • This lesson will teach you some of the major differences between British and American English.

  • Although there are some variations depending on what region of the country the speakers from

  • British and American English have some differences

  • in the stress of certain words. Listen to the pronunciation.

  • First the British English and then the American English.

  • adult adult

  • ballet ballet

  • brochure brochure

  • garage garage

  • vaccine vaccine

  • advertisement advertisement

  • hospitable hospitable

  • Some words ending in ''i'', ''l'', ''e'' are also different.

  • agile agile

  • fertile fertile

  • hostile hostile

  • mobile mobile

  • versatile versatile

  • The sound of the letter ''a'' is also different in some words

  • where the British pronounce it ''a'' and the Americans pronounce it ''a''.

  • listen to the differences.

  • bath bath

  • laugh laugh

  • class class

  • chance chance

  • ask ask

  • after after

  • can't can't

  • example example

  • The sound of the letter ''r'' is also a little bit different.

  • The ''r'' is pronounced stronger in American English.

  • Listen to the differences.

  • hard hard

  • were were

  • ear ear

  • pure pure

  • more more

  • chair chair

  • bar bar

  • Words ending in ''ization'' are also pronounced differently.

  • civilization civilization

  • organization organization

  • authorization authorization

  • globalization globalization

  • The verb form of all these words

  • ''n'' and ''i'' in both British

  • and American English is pronounced globalize, but

  • British English continues this same pronunciation

  • in the noun form globalization

  • and American English changes the sound

  • the letter ''i'' globalization

  • Finally the ''t'' sound in the middle of the word can be different

  • in British and American English in this situation

  • Americans often pronounce the letter ''t'' like

  • a quick ''d'' sound. Listen to the difference.

  • better better

  • water water

  • hated hated

  • writing writing

  • bottom bottom

  • native native

  • artificial artificial

  • notice notice

  • If you want to improve your pronunciation and spoken English in the next 30 days,

  • register for the American English pronunciation course.

  • Beginning April 15th

British English v.s. American English pronunciation.


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イギリス英語とアメリカ英語。発音 (British English vs. American English: Pronunciation)

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