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This is one of our most requested dishes of all time. It's an ice cream sandwich. Arrrggghh!
So for this ice cream sandwich we're going to use all the usual suspects for a cookie
and make our very own chocolate ones with cocoa
and then use them to sandwich together home made ice cream that's lemon in flavour
and that's made with lemon curd, mascarpone and custard.
Sounds too good to be true.
ice cream sandwiches, first of all,
in the UK are not that well known
Because an ice-cream sandwich says to me 'bread and ice cream'.
Ice cream sandwiches are very much an American thing and our subscribers have been asking for them.
So here they are. Butter...into a bowl
and then if you can just beat that together with a little bit of vanilla extract
and two types of sugar. We've got brown sugar
So beat that together until its smooth. And white sugar.
So two sugars mean you get an extra chew and very sweet obviously but nice chew
and then rather than whole eggs its actually just the egg whites we want so crack them
and then pass the yolk from shell to shell. Then as soon as you're left with just the yolk
give the white to Bowl
As easy as that Mike.
Nicely done Mike.
Thanks you. Right, are you ready for my white. Do it.
So beat that in as well. And once we've got our wet ingredients into the bowl and nicely combined
we can add the dry ones. So what we have is some bicarb, which is our raising agent.
Some cocoa powder
This is a really rich, chocolatey biscuit. Fit. And some flour.
Which obviously is going to combine the whole thing together. So if you can mix all of that together until we have a nice paste.
Do you want to have a go at stirring Mike? Errr... yeah, go on then.
That looks incredible. Can I? Yeah, go on then.
Put dollops onto our tray...
about that big.
just less than a tablespoon. The important thing is that they all have to be equal
and fairly well spaced out because they will spread. Now obviously we've got enough here to make 12,
but we'll start with just 6. Can you pop those into our oven.
Thats 180 degrees C for 10 to
12 minutes until they're
completely round and spherical and when you touch them
they just spring back. In the meantime, we can make our ice-cream to go in the middle.
Now, we've made lots of ice creams on this show and this is another version
with mascarpone cheese.
I love that. If you can beat that in.
with lemon curd, which is a really really
fresh and lemony
kind of zingy ice cream going on with the juice of a lemon. Please Mike.
And do it through your fingers so you don't get any pips in there.
So this is a real cheats version of ice cream?
'Cos you do not do it like this normally. Do you?
No, a normal ice cream would use an egg custard.
It takes ages. And it can take a long time. And once that's all combined, I said an ice cream normally
uses a custard. So does this one. Except this is straight out of a carton
So mix it in. We then need to freeze that down and it's the best lemon ice cream... ever.
If you say so.
Our biscuits are on the oven and they need 10-12 minutes in total, they've already had a few.
Our ice cream needs to go into a container and into the freezer for a couple of hours to set.
Then we'll let our biscuits cool and then we can sandwich them together.
So we've now made all of our biscuits from the mix and we've let our ice-cream set.
You put a face in it.
Who put their face in it?
Put your face in it if you're not careful. Now it's time to sandwich them together.
If we take one each. All we need to do is grab two halves. It's nice soft ice cream.
Once it's frozen up you might have have to take it out again to soften at room temperature. Just for a few minutes
so that you can actually work with it. Put as much in the middle as you like
but about much
is kind of right for the ratio of chocolate to lemon.
Put the other one on top
and then you need to try and neaten it up a little bit
by just kind of scraping around the outside. Now when it's this soft it will try and squeeze out everywhere
but that's fine.
Because then they can go onto a plate and at this point they go back
into the freezer again to set them up so they are easier to eat. They can stay in the freezer
for up to a month and are always there when you need them.
And here... are the ones we did earlier.
Who'd have thought it?
There we go. Three. Just perfect for the three of us. It's our ice cream
sandwich... SORTED!
Go on then Mike
Dig in, which one do you want?
I'll have the littler one... you have the big one, you've done some work.
A bit difficult to eat, but WOW.
OMG. That chocolate and lemon... magnificent.
Really rich chocolate.
The biscuits are soft as well. Kind of a soft chew. Well done America!
Yeah, that was a really good request and if there's anything else you want to see us make
Please let us know in the comments below.
Make sure it's nice stuff!



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