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Okay, I'm going to show you a lovely recipe now, with salmon, new potatoes. We're going to make a
nice salad.
Now to introduce flavor
I'm going to give mister fish his best friend fennel. Fennel seeds, okay if you've never
bought this before
just have a look in the supermarkets it's all there
one little tablespoon of fennel seeds in there works with all chicken, pork and
A good pinch of salt and a good pinch of pepper just give it
a really good bash up.
Drizzle that salmon with some olive oil
then sprinkle that with half of the fennel, salt and pepper mixture.
We'll do exactly the same on the other side.
Now the other thing is, loads of people hate salmon skin. I'm gonna show you how
you can make people love it with a passion. And it's exactly the same as
roasting a bit of pork, it's about crackling really
crispy crackling. I've got some new potatoes
that have been boiled.
I'm just gonna drain these little fellows,
as you do.
That's why I like cooking outside. Just going to cut them into like halves
basically rough and ready is what we're looking for. They're already boiled but I'm looking for
I want to kind of put another element in them with the fish
with these potatoes here,
little sea salt,
olive oil again,
some lemon juice
and then your salmon
can go skin side up
right in the middle.
I'm going to do a nice fresh salad, three parts
extra virgin olive oil
to one part acid.
We're then going to hit it
with lemon, of course,
salt and pepper
and then herbs. Let's be really confident about herbs
We've got mint here and dill. Chop up those herbs like that
and then straight into that dressing
I'm going to use a few bits and pieces that you might not have used in supermarkets before.
Red and green chicory here. So we cut in half first
And then from this top half
you can just click
these lovely kind of crunchy
cuppy like
salad leaves.
So the same with the red one
trim up the base.
Then we're going to finely sliced those
again we'll move that over to here.
throw that in.
A few radishes.
And if you want to kind of give the salad a bit of a hum just literally
smoe spring onions or a little red onion
is lovely.
Another veg I am using is fennel. Either grate it, or finely slice it.
A touch more salt
I'll dress that at the very last minute, ok that's what you want there. Let's come back to
this. There you go.
Well i know that we've achieved a beautiful crispy skin
and also I can try and pull that off
Just use a knife.
That is what i'm talking about; people will fight about that.
A little bit of salt,
back in the oven.
Crackling, this is basically what we're talking about. Just let that sit for a minute
and then here
you can see if your salmon's cooked just by going to the thickest part which is
and is it flaking.
Have a look here.
I think so, perfectly cooked.
Right, let's go and get our skin
Now as that cools down
it will go like a big old
I'm going to put that there. Look you can see it's gone hard straight away. That
is what I'm talking about!!
Right, let's serve this dish up and stop talking rubbish.
Let's get our potatoes,
got beautiful
sort of baked potatoes but a bit of color on them
and then with the salmon
just break out into some big bits. Like that.
And then, just put that in the middle.
You can serve this hot,
you can serve this warm
and even cold, it doesn't matter and then any of that juice in the bottom
you can use as well.
It's all juice, only oil, lemon and lovely fish juices.
Just a few little bits
of, of lemon zest
some nice herbs
and then I love getting some sour cream or yogurt
a couple of little spoons here
Don't forget out.
Incredible, listen to this.
You know what I'm saying?
Right and just clank it up
and just put it over
also to go with it, at the very last minute dress that salad.
So there you go guys
beautiful baked salmon, crispy skin,
baked potatoes, lovely crunchy salad.
Hope you enjoy it, lots of love.


Mouth-Watering Fennel Crusted Salmon by Jamie Oliver

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