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Word up Food Tubers! Jamie Oliver here! Now today is a very important day because it is the
4th July for our American friends!
Brothers and sisters
we are celebrating Independence Day, oh yeah.
Do, do, do, do, do
Just a minute, isn't that when you kicked the British out?
Get rid of those flags!
In your declaration of independence you said that every man has the right to
liberty and the pursuit
of happiness!
Look down there,
because in the pursuit of happiness beautiful things are going to happen into
this bowl
We're gonna do a New York
I've got a beautiful recipe that's going to knock your socks off
Let's get on with it
In the food processor I've got three hundred fifty grams of digestive biscuits
I'm going seventy grams of good quality dark chocolate ok so that's a little
tweak there. Going in and let's whizz that up.
In this little pan here is two hundred and twenty five grams of butter
We're just going to melt that down
and put that into the machine. We'll whizz that up.
So that is ready and raring to go. The first thing I am
going to do.
Is put all of that cheesecake base. That's that done. This is going to go with the chocolate and butter
of course that's going to make this base go super crunchy. Okay that's
the base done. Now for the filling. You need nine hundred grams of really good
cream cheese. Into that we're going to put five whole eggs, make sure they're free range so
crack them in. There we go.
Very simple. We're going to sweeten it. Some I'm going to go one hundred and fifty grams uh... of
also I'm going to put in some vanilla
Just get your knife into the pod and run it down the lengths
then use the side of the knife to scrape out those seeds
And that
is like turbo charged in flavour. Really, really gorgeous
So this goes in as well and as soon as it's got roughly mixed up I want to get some acidity and
flavour in there. And I'm going to use the juice of six limes. So in they go
So look, lime has gone in
and then we're going to go straight in, beautiful
so there we go guy's. A beautiful cheesecake goes into the oven
that will sort of plump up and cook
and get a little bit color
It's set at one hundred sixty degrees celcius which is three hundred and ten
fareinheit which is gas mark two and a half
Okay so that cheesecake is now cooked. It's had forty to fifty minutes
in the oven and it looks a little bit like this.
Yeah that's what I'm talking about
In itself lime is best friends with coconut. So i want to do an amazing
coconut meringue, really, really simple
I've got a hundred and ten grams of sugar that goes in like that.
I've got
uh... three egg whites
So I just want to divide the egg
in here
a pinch of salt is going in
that just helps it get a little bit fluffier and whack it on full whack. New York cheesecake.
Ooops, wrong knob.
So in a matter of minutes we've gone from boring old eggs and sugar
we've got something that is soft peaks like that which means that it's just hangin
absolutely gorgeous if you touch it between your hands, it's not granular
absolutely silky smooth. So over here guys
and I'm going to put forty grams of
desiccated coconut okay
the coconut will work so well with the lime
So i'm just going to sprinkle that in
It's a really nice tropical flavor, it's the fourth of July man!
We can do what we want! Get yourself a piping bag
Cut off the end, I'm getting a little star shaped nozzle. It's going to be nice.
i'm gonna fill up that bag
It's important to lick your fingers when making cake
Don't let anyone else tell any different.
grab it like this,
with your thumb and your forefinger twisted around. Twist it around like this.
and then it would just naturally push out the filling to her.
so we're going to go from the middle
really great to do with kids they love all this
and then go back in the little holes. Now this is going to go back into the oven at two and and twenty degrees
which is forty two five Fahrenheit which is gas mark 7 or something just for four or
five minutes just to put a bit of colour
and then
what I want to do is put it in the fridge for at least 45minutes
to three hours to get it super cold.
So overhear I've got one that's come out of the fridge. Get yourself a knife. Big one
go to the middle, go right down.
of course once it's been into the fridge it's much easier to cut.
we go here
of course if you want to go for a little bit
of the sauce you can just go straight in there. Look at that.
wonderful gorgeous
My version of a new york cheesecake
absolutely pimped to the hilt.
that's exactly what i'm talking about
Don't forget to subscribe and when you do subscribe
hit the little settings box and make sure we can email you so when there's a new
video we let you know
Take care
love you lots
Big love to the Food Tube possy!!


Jamie Oliver's 4th July NYC Cheesecake

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