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  • Our modern society likes to think of itself as being more politically correct than previous

  • generations. People try to be more progressive and understanding as to not offend or put

  • down people. I mean look at the Tomb Raider series, showing that woman can both be tough

  • and feminine. And then there are games like Rumble Roses, that sets women back before

  • the ratification of the 19th amendment. How do you review this game without sounding completely

  • immature?

  • The game goes for a certain appeal. More specifically, a certain male appeal. I mean I understand

  • what the developers were thinking. Wrestling is good, attractive girls are good. Put them

  • together, you have a recipe for success, right. The game is an all girl wrestling game, where

  • every competitor has talents in many different aspects. The girls each have a score to settle,

  • and they take to the ring to do so.

  • What the game lacks in game modes, it makes up for with visual appeal. There really is

  • only two different modes. You can take a girl into an exhibition match, or play through

  • the character’s story mode. Here you will learn the hidden motives for why each girl

  • suits up. Completing the story mode will unlock additional wrestlers to play with…. that

  • came out wrong.

  • But not all the wrestling takes place in the ring. You can also go for a complete visual

  • spectacle and have a mud wrestling match. Complete male fantasy, maybe. All it’s missing

  • is an all you can eat sandwich bar.

  • And here I am going on about the game and haven’t even mentioned the most important

  • part, the wrestling. The actual wrestling feels somewhat limited. Each girl gets their

  • own move set, complete with hits, punches, kicks, grabbles, submissions holds and special

  • finishers. The combat allows for some punishing looking moves, along with more up-skirt shots

  • than you could imagine. Targeting specific areas will weaken your opponent, allowing

  • for easier submissions and pins. And you can fill up the Humiliation Meter and unleash

  • an attack.

  • While the action has all the elements, the wrestling feels thin, with not as many options

  • of attack. You will perform mostly the same moves until your opponent is weak enough then

  • go for the pin or submission. The game is clearly more focused on style

  • rather than substance. With the limited game modes, and simplistic wrestling, this may

  • be the only game I know that may actually be more enjoyable watching than actually playing.

  • The girl are hot, but the wrestling is shallow.

Our modern society likes to think of itself as being more politically correct than previous


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CGR Undertow - RUMBLE ROSES review for PlayStation 2

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