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  • Where did Halloween come from? Turns out, it's been with us a long time.

    ハロウィンの由来は? その歴史はとても長いです。

  • It started as an ancient pre-Christian Celtic festival of the dead.


  • See, for the Celts back then, November 1st was their New Year's—that was the day that they switched from fall to winter.

    当時のケルト人にとって 11 月 1 日は新年で、秋から冬に切り替わる日でもありました。

  • It's also the time of the year that they believed the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead was at its thinnest.


  • That meant that the dead could hang out with the livingthat's not comfortable for anybody.


  • They had a festival called "Samhain".


  • It was the most significant holiday of their entire year.


  • They believed it was on Samhain the souls of all the people that had died that year finally travel to the other world.


  • To help them get there, the living people lit bonfires to honor the dead to help them along their journey and also to keep them away from the living.


  • In the early centuries of the first millennium, Christian missionary showed upthey wanted to change the religious practices of the Celts.


  • But rather than just obliterate the existing pagan holidays such as Samhain, they tried to transform it.


  • So what the missionaries did was basically say, "Hey, all those supernatural DD's that you worship, they're evil, they're demonic, they're spirits, they're scary.


  • Then they slapped the new Christian holiday on November 1stAll Saints Day.

    そして彼らは 11 月 1 日に新しいキリストの祝日を叩きつけました。

  • So now everyone was supposed to worship the Saints on November 1st instead of the dead during the festival of Samhain.

    なので今ではみんな、サムへインの祭りの間死者の代わりに 11 月 1 日に聖人を礼拝することになっていました。

  • It didn't workAll Saints Day became known as All Hallows.


  • But it was the night before All Hallowsthe eve of All Hallowsthat people continued to celebrate in the spirit of Samhain as a time of the wandering dead.


  • Eventually, All Hallows Eve became Hallow Evening, which eventually became Halloween.


  • Basically, an ancient Celtic, pre-Christian New Year celebration that, over the last couple thousand years, lost its pagan context and transformed into one of the largest secular holidays of modern times.

    基本的に古代ケルト人の以前のキリスト教の新年のお祝いは 2 千年ほどの時を経てピーク状態が終わり、現代では最大の世俗的な祝日の 1 つになりました。

Where did Halloween come from? Turns out, it's been with us a long time.

ハロウィンの由来は? その歴史はとても長いです。

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