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For many of us sleep is a luxury that we all too frequently miss out on
but with all of cons of slew health problems and consequences like the lack of motivation,
decrease attention span and feeling like crap
and while some studies suggest that the
optimal moment sleep is between seven to eight hours the truth is that none of this created equal
So here are some examples in ways that you can help improve the quality of your sleep,
so you feel more energetic and ready to face the day
Napping. I love napping and a key to successful nap
is the length of time in which you rest. It's important to ensure that you take up
power nap which means you only nap between 20 to 30 minutes
this allow you to wake up not feeling groggy because you do not enter deep sleep stages.
and therefore not fall into a deep sleep also short naps are important
because long naps can effect the ability to fall sleep at night.
Studies found that individuals take power naps at least three times a week
in the afternoon, a thirty-seven percent less likely to die on heart disease
That's something you should tell your teacher's slash boss
Cut down on alcohol, caffeine, and cigarettes. OK, so you might not love this tip,
but while alcohol may help you fall asleep faster,
it actually decreases the quality of your sleep by damaging the sleep cycle.
Caffeine on the other hand has been found a shortened phases threaten for your
sleep cycle which is where rem and dream occur
and finally while cigarettes may feel relaxing they can actually prevent the onset of sleep altogether.
Have a schedule. Your body loves routine, so try waking up at the same time every day
or at least within the same hour and yes this does include weekends.
I know it may be hard but it's better to get up at the same time
and maybe nap in the afternoon when you are tired.
and massing up your whole schedule altogether. Trust that will be a lot better on Monday.
Quit staring at your screens. The bright light on your TV, laptop, or cell phone
actually trick your brain into thinking that in daytime
meaning that they affect your entire sleep cycle.
So, cut them out an hour or two before you go to bed and they shouldn't be an issue
also cut the externalize out of your room. The light from your laptop, or your
printer, or cable box actually keep your brain awake at night.
So either put in table wrap, cover it up or just get it out of your room entirely.
feeling that you can always wear face mask at night. Develop a night time ritual.
the point of this ritual is help you disengage from your daily activities
and potentially distress on your life. Some examples that people
swear by are stretching for 10 minutes before bed, going on
similar walk that might help clear your mind and obviously the common one which
reading. It's helpful to read fiction books because they can distract your mind it take you to an entirely different world.
Except for Mitch reading "game of thrones",
becouse he just ended up crying all night
It's important that once you've finished
this ritual and you disengage do not really engaged by going back on your cell phone before bed.
Some handy tips are charging your phone away from arm's reach
or potentially a completely different road. You can also build the morning routine.
Having this specific task plan in the morning helps you to avoid hitting the snooze button and falling back asleep.
People love the videos on sleep,
...because we never sleep.
Whether it's going to the gym or even something as simple as browsing Reddit
or watching your favorite YouTube channels.
Having something to look forward to in the morning can help you get out of bed.
One great piece of advice is to just get outside first thing in the morning.
Human beings are meant to wake up with the sun, so it's only natural to get
outside and feel some grace in the morning.
Use a smart alarm. If you don't have the luxury of waking up
naturally, that it's important to use an alarm and not gonna slam off and go back to bed
Some examples are setting your alarm as your radio, having a start quietly in gradually got louder
or play your favorite tunes in order to help you dance on bed.
Your bed is for sleeping. By watching TV, doing work, or eating food, your brain now
associates these activities with your bed and so it's harder for you to sleep at night.
So there you have it. Put some those tips in action and hopefully you'll find
yourself having a more restful sleep and as a result
a better day. And if you have any other tips you'd like to share with us or other people,
please put them in the comments below. We're tired, is the afternoon so we're
gonna take a brilliant power nap.
And I know you're gonna to take any of this advice, so you can
subscribe to our channel and watch all the videos.
We will see you later.



How To Get Better Sleep

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