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  • The world's premier semiconductor equipment supplier has now combined technology, nature and more than 25 years of experience in radiant heating technology to advance RTP into the materials.


  • Wafer fabrication is advancing at a rapid pace in today's semiconductor industry, requiring several hundred processing steps before completion.


  • Many of these steps are thermal processes.


  • As device geometries continue to shrink, the thermal exposure must be reduced.


  • Rapid thermal processing, or RTP, was developed to minimize a wafer's exposure to excess thermal energy.


  • This is achieved by using thermal ramp rates up to 1,000 times faster than a standard batch furnace.


  • The challenge for RTP is how to ramp quickly while maintaining temperature uniformity.


  • Present-day RTP systems use a single, non-contact optical pyrometer to measure a wafer's temperature at the center.


  • This single-point measurement, however, can't sense center-to-edge temperature differences.


  • The result is non-uniform heating, which causes slip defects and undesirable process variations.


  • A second problem with conventional optical pyrometers is that they fail to adjust for the variation in the backside emissivity of the wafer.


  • Maintaining temperature control from wafer to wafer requires backside etching of the films, or a measurement of the emissivity and an adjustment to the production process.


  • Applied Materials has introduced a new rapid thermal technology, the RTP Centura with the patented honeycomb source, offering significant improvements in three main areas.

    アプライド マテリアルズは、特許取得済みのハニカムソースを採用した新しいラピッドサーマル技術RTP Centuraを発表した。

  • The first is in wafer heating control, using our patented honeycomb source.


  • This RTP Centura lamp module replicates the structural strength and space efficiency found in a beehive honeycomb.


  • The light source contains 187 variable intensity tungsten halogen lamps, each housed inside a collimating light pipe.


  • This provides the high spatial resolution of the light intensity pattern required for thermal uniformity in combination with the high optical power density required for fast thermal ramps.


  • The second area of improvement with the RTP Centura is that temperature is measured by contact optical probes positioned beneath the wafer.

    RTP Centuraの2つ目の改良点は、ウェーハの下に配置された接触型光学プローブで温度を測定することです。

  • A multi-input software controller readjusts the individual lamp zones at a rate of 20 times per second to maintain thermal uniformity.


  • This plot of lamp voltage versus lamp group shows that the center to edge power distribution required to achieve uniform wafer temperature varies dramatically for different parts of the thermal cycle.


  • The RTP chamber has a programmable variable temperature ramping capability of up to 75 degrees C per second, with a ramp uniformity of better than plus or minus 2 degrees C.


  • Steady state temperature uniformity is typically better than plus or minus 0.5 degrees C.


  • The result is the most uniform thermal wafer processing possible in the industry today, and a process that's guaranteed to be free of lattice slip defects.


  • The third area of improvement is in the RTP Centura's ability to adjust for the changes in emissivity of the backside of the wafer.

    3つ目の改善点は、ウェーハ裏面の放射率の変化を調整するRTP Centuraの能力です。

  • We've solved this problem by designing the RTP Centura chamber to measure temperature independent of wafer emissivity, thereby greatly improving wafer-to-wafer repeatability.


  • This simplifies the production process, eliminating the need for backside etches and emissivity checks.


  • The applied materials RTP process module is designed for integration on the Centura mainframe.


  • The RTP Centura system utilizes dual, independent vacuum load locks that can each hold up to 25 wafers.

    RTP Centuraシステムは、それぞれ最大25枚のウェハーを保持できる、独立した二重の真空ロードロックを利用している。

  • Located in a sealed high-purity transfer chamber, a magnetically coupled dual-speed robot provides precise movement of wafers, maximizing throughput and minimizing contamination.


  • The high-purity environment eliminates the need for lengthy chamber purges.


  • Wafers enter the process chamber and are then lifted by three quartz pins.


  • The robot blade is withdrawn and the pins lower the wafer onto the edge ring.


  • Rotation of the ring and wafer during processing results in excellent process uniformity.


  • The robot end effector is made of high-purity quartz, allowing removal of the wafer at temperatures as high as 800 degrees C.


  • The wafer is then moved to a cool-down station prior to placement in the cassette.


  • The three major applications for the RTP Centura system are ion implant anneal, silicide anneal, and oxidation.

    RTP Centuraシステムの3つの主な用途は、イオン注入アニール、シリサイドアニール、酸化である。

  • Results on source drain implant anneal show more precise control of L-effective dimensions, a requirement for submicron devices.


  • Multipoint temperature measurement ensures wafer-to-wafer repeatability of less than 1 degree C.


  • Annealing of titanium silicide films improves with the RTP Centura in process uniformity and repeatability.

    チタンシリサイドフィルムのアニーリングは、RTP Centuraによってプロセスの均一性と再現性が向上しました。

  • Added non-uniformity is controlled to less than 1% independent of wafer backside films.


  • Creation of thin film oxides for use as the gate oxide was not previously achievable with RTP technology.


  • However, with the applied materials RTP chamber, oxide uniformities of better than 1% are achievable.


  • High throughput, excellent uptime, and very low maintenance make the RTP Centura a high-productivity, low-cost-of-ownership tool.

    高いスループット、優れた稼働時間、非常に低いメンテナンス性により、RTP Centuraは生産性が高く、所有コストの低いツールとなっています。

  • Marathon customer tests have shown the system capable of running over 130,000 wafers without preventive maintenance.


  • There is only one RTP system that provides backside emissivity-independent temperature measurement, multiple sensor control loops for complete wafer temperature control on a high-throughput, reliable wafer handling platform with benefits that include superior process performance and yield, and reduced cost of ownership.


  • The RTP Centura with the honeycomb source, only from applied materials.


  • Advancing RTP technology into the next century.


The world's premier semiconductor equipment supplier has now combined technology, nature and more than 25 years of experience in radiant heating technology to advance RTP into the materials.


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