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  • Hey

  • Lenny

  • Good to see you

  • me too

  • Kim’s doing okay?

  • Yeah, seems like the usual Kim

  • Lenny

  • Lenny?

  • Sir, back away now

  • I didn’t do this

  • Put your hands up now

  • Wanted for murder. Suspect name: Bryan Mills

  • 21, he joins the army

  • At 23, he joins the special forces

  • He’s a trained sniper

  • An explosive expert

  • No service record, no discharge record, nothing

  • This guy right here, he knows how to disappear

  • Listen carefully, Kim

  • Something terrible has happened to your mom

  • Dad, what’s going on?

  • Don’t trust anyone

  • (fold down your hands)

  • There are things I’ve done for my life

  • I was always ready to face the consequences to protect my family

  • What do you know?

  • What I know is, soon, everyone you love will be dead

  • What’s your first priority here, inspector?

  • My job is to bring you in

  • My first priority is to protect the only one I have left

  • What are you going to do?

  • I’m going to finish this

  • If you go down this road

  • The LAPD, the FBI, the CIA

  • Theyre all gonna come for you

  • Theyll find you

  • And theyll stop you

  • Good luck



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