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  • The next station is Gloucester Road.

  • What will you be missing a video of strangers kissing

  • or another list of places that everyone must see

  • you'll feel so free and happy no Candy Crush or Flappy Bird

  • will ever screw your life up you can hopefully just be

  • and it's such a shame to get run over as you cross the street

  • just to take that perfect selfie or read your own latest tweet

  • Put down your phone there's a world flying by

  • there's a million wondrous wonders if you'd only shut your iPhone

  • Put down your phone and just walk away

  • there's nothing Buzzfeed can do for you today

  • Those who were in existence when the world was run on pistons

  • scratch their heads and sit while lit up by the glow of their screens

  • is it really that important to keep up with James Corden

  • to the point your wife has left you and your friends are all machines

  • you're addicted to your tablets so stop feeding your desire

  • get your phone, your pad and phablet and then start a massive fire

  • Burn down your phone run around in a field

  • look at some moss debate the possibility

  • our fate's not sealed

  • Destroy your phone smash it up with your fist

  • it won't be missed it's just a phone - put down your phone

  • Put down your phone with a gun or by injection

  • don't think that they have made an app called I-Resurrection

  • Put down your phone and send it to sleep

  • pick up a book and read it and weep

  • Have faith in life don't let it dwindle

  • Oh I'm so sorry, I've just seen it's a kindle.

The next station is Gloucester Road.


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スマホを置け! (Put down your phone!)

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