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  • AI will pretty much touch everything we do.

    AI は私たちのすること全てに影響を与えるでしょう。

  • It's more likely to be correct and grounded in reality.


  • Talk to the AI about how to do better.

    AI にもっと良い方法を相談します。

  • It's a very deep philosophical conversation.


  • It's a bit above my pay grade.


  • Awesome.


  • Sundar, it is such a pleasure to meet you.


  • It's likewise, thank you for doing it.


  • Just like you, I love AI.

    あなたと同じように、私も AI が大好きです。

  • I love talking about AI.

    AI の話をするのが大好きです。

  • So I think no surprise today, I'm definitely gonna delve into that with you.

    だから、今日も皆さんと一緒に AI について掘り下げていきたいと思います。

  • And with so many AI tools coming out these days and so much going on, I mean, the shift of AI in the space of a year has been insane.

    最近では多くの AI ツールが登場し、多くのことが起こっていて、つまり、AI の進化はこの1年で驚異的なものです。

  • And a lot of people feel like if they don't start using AI, if they don't understand AI, they are gonna be left in the dust.

    多くの人は、AI を使い始めなければ、AI を理解しなければ、取り残されると感じています。

  • So why should people start using Google's AI?

    では、なぜ人々はグーグルの AI を使い始めなければならないのでしょうか?

  • Look, I think for multiple reasons.


  • To start with, it makes your experience better, right?


  • I think using AI, it's gonna summarize things for you.

    AI を使えば、物事を要約してくれると思います。

  • It's gonna save you time.


  • Now you can type a much more complex question, right?


  • Find me exercise studios within four miles of where I live and open at these hours.


  • And it kind of summarizes an answer for you.


  • So it just makes your life a bit easier.


  • That's the primary way we are putting AI in our product.

    それが私たちの製品に AI を搭載する主な方法です。

  • Yeah, yeah.


  • AI is gonna be in our lives across everything we do.

    AI は我々の生活の全てに浸透していくでしょう。

  • Learn to understand where it's good at, what the pitfalls are.

    AI がどこを得意とし、どこに落とし穴があるのかを理解することを学ぶんです。

  • So I think there's a part of getting familiar with the new technology too.


  • So you want to do it for both reasons.


  • Amazing.


  • I'm sure you're aware of the competitors, Copilot, ChatGPT. - Yeah.

    競合相手の Copilot や ChatGPT についてはご存知ですよね。 -はい。

  • What makes Gemini or Google's AI better than the competitors?

    Gemini や Google の AI が競合他社より優れている点は?

  • I think a few things.


  • The way we integrate with Google Search and other Google products.

    私たちのサービスは、Google 検索や他の Google 製品とどのように統合されていますか。

  • So for example, it can summarize your emails in Gmail.

    例えば、Gmail のメールを要約することができます。

  • You can easily send off an email to Gmail.

    Gmail に簡単にメールを送ることができます。

  • So it's very well integrated with the rest of your Google products.

    他の Google 製品との連携もバッチリです。

  • And so I think, including YouTube, right?

    YouTube もそうですよね?

  • Yes, yeah.


  • So it's multi-modal.


  • So over time, you'll be able to use voice, you can point it at things.


  • I think that'll be an area where it's differentiated as well.


  • At Google, over many years, we've built a vast understanding of the world.

    Google では長年にわたり、世界に対する膨大な理解を築いてきました。

  • So you can go to any chatbot and ask, "Help me plan a trip."

    どのチャットボットでも 「旅行の計画を手伝って」 と頼めるんです。

  • But they can hallucinate.


  • Okay, yeah.


  • But what Google can do in Gemini is ground it in the way we have built over years our understanding of the world.

    しかし、Google が Gemini できることは、私たちが何年もかけて築いてきた世界観に照らし合わせることです。

  • So when we say go from place A to B, it's more likely to be correct and grounded in reality.

    だから、A という場所から B という場所に行くとき、それはより正しく、現実に基づいている可能性が高いのです。

  • With Gemini, and even something like virtual team, it feels as though AI is almost, does almost have a consciousness sometimes.

    Gemini やバーチャルチームを使うと、AI が時々意識を持っているように感じることがあります。

  • Do you think it'll be much longer until there is some form of AI consciousness that we see, like a real form of it?

    AI が意識を持つようになるまで、まだ時間がかかると思いますか、本物の形で見るとしますか?

  • You know, obviously consciousness is a deep topic and it's something that is not yet fully understood.


  • We all feel it.


  • We all perceive it.


  • So I think there's a difference between what it means to be truly conscious AI versus can AI appear conscious?

    つまり、本当に意識のある AI と、AI が意識を持っているように見える AI は違うということでしょうか?

  • I think the second thing is,


  • I think in the next few years, you'll clearly have AI, which will give you all semblance of being conscious and you may not be able to differentiate.

    今後数年のうちに、明らかに AI が登場し、意識があるかのように見えるが、区別がつかなくなるかもしれません。

  • But I think that's a very different question from is it actually conscious?


  • Yeah, yeah.


  • Which is a more profound question. - It's true.

    どっちが深い質問なんです。- そうですね。

  • And it's a very deep philosophical conversation.


  • Yeah, that's true.


  • How do I know you are conscious, right?


  • Like, you know, I mean, how do I have a way of knowing it?


  • And so I think, you know, it's a bit above my pay grade, I think, to answer that question.


  • Yeah, I think like you write, it's quite an interesting topic that could go on for days, actually.


  • And so for the people who do use these AI tools and who do adopt them, whether it's in work or just their day-to-day life, for those people and the general public, what do you think AI is going to look like for them in the next five to 10 years?

    このような AI ツールを使用する人々や、仕事であれ日常生活であれ、AI を採用する人々や一般の人々にとって、今後 5 年から 10 年の間に AI はどのようなものになると思いますか?

  • I think you're going to have some AI which you can talk to or ask to help, and it's going to be available for you, right?


  • At your fingertips.


  • If you're in Google Docs and you're typing something, it corrects your spelling and grammar.

    Google ドキュメントで何か入力していると、スペルや文法を修正してくれます。

  • Yeah, yeah.


  • You take it for granted.


  • But, you know, AI is going to be there like that for pretty much everything you do in your life.

    でもね、AI はあなたの人生のほとんど全てにそうやって寄り添ってくれるんですよ。

  • You know, you may be getting ready for an interview and you would just talk to the AI about how to do better. Right?

    面接の準備をしているとき、AI にどうすればいいか相談するでしょう?

  • And it won't even seem strange to you that you're going to do that.


  • So that notion, you know, it's what, you know, we showed glimpses of it with Project Astra today.

    その概念は、今日のプロジェクト Astra で一部示されたものです。

  • Yeah, yeah. - Right?

    ああ、そうです。 - でしょう?

  • And the fact that there's an AI, it's based on our multimodal model, so it can see what you see.

    AI はマルチモーダルモデルに基づいてるから、あなたが見てるものが分かるんです。

  • Yeah.


  • You can talk, you can ask it to reason about the world.


  • And remember, it's just at the early stages and these things are going to progress pretty fast.


  • Yeah.


  • So it sounds to me like you're saying it's almost going to be more magical and in more people's hands, so to speak.


  • Yeah.


  • Yeah, I like that.


  • So for the people who, let's say, don't adopt AI and don't start using it, what do you think the future looks like for them?

    AI を導入せず、使い始めない人々にとって、未来はどうなると思いますか?

  • You know, you want to try these things, use a chatbot, whatever you prefer, right?


  • And learn, interact with them.


  • You know, people can express themselves in a variety of ways, but I think you will have a leg up if you can understand the technology, right?


  • I mean, it's an important change.


  • It's happening at a faster pace than previous technologies.


  • Yeah.


  • So learning, becoming familiar with it, learning how to use it, you know, I think will give you a leg up.


  • With the Gemini now coming out, I've seen, you know, when going on Pixel devices, you're prompted to now change from Google Assistant to Gemini.

    Gemini が登場したことで、Pixel デバイスで Google アシスタントから Gemini に変更するよう促されるのを見ました。

  • So is Google Assistant fading away?

    Google アシスタントは消えていくのですか?

  • The right way to think about it is, over time you'll have Gemini powering Google Assistant, right? - Okay.

    正しい考え方は、Gemini が Google アシスタントを動かすようになる、ということですね。- なるほど。

  • They will become one and the same thing.


  • As we go through this transition, Gemini can do everything Google Assistant can do.

    この移行を経て、Gemini は Google アシスタントができることはすべてできるようになります。

  • It's going to be there right at your fingertips to help you.


  • Now that Gemini is on Pixel devices, what do you think people are primarily going to use it for?

    Gemini が Pixel デバイスに搭載された今、人々は主に何に使うと思いますか?

  • Like, I'm sure you've got user data already about what people are using it for the most.


  • So what do you think that's going to be that you predominantly see people doing with it?

    人々が AI を主にどのように使用すると思いますか?

  • People ask it for ideas, right?


  • I think the most common ways we see people using it is they have... they want somebody to brainstorm with them.


  • Right? I found myself using, "Hey, what should I do for Mother's Day?"


  • Sometimes you're just trying to understand something very quickly.


  • I'm like, "Hey, Gemini, is this food gluten-free," right?


  • And in a world with Project Astra, that gets easier.

    Project Astra のある世界では、それは簡単なことです。

  • You can ask Gemini to look at the food and it can answer it for you.

    Gemini に料理を見てもらえば答えてくれます。

  • I think people are using it pretty broadly across different types of needs.


  • And I think people are getting more and more familiar and comfortable with the technology.


  • So yeah, it feels like full of possibilities.


  • Yeah, so more day-to-day kind of things.


  • Like you say, more ideas.


  • I like that about, you know, kind of Mother's Day or gift ideas or excursions.


  • Yeah, but I think like you saw today, people may want to go to a place and they say, "Well, what should I do for a week?"


  • We're going to make it much easier.


  • We're going to try and help you plan that.


  • Those are the kind of new features we are bringing into Gemini.


  • Absolutely.


  • But there's a lot we can do more.


  • My final question is what is your hope for AI in the future?

    最後の質問ですが、今後の AI に期待することは何ですか?

  • Like where do you hope this ends up going in the end?


  • I think the biggest way we hope is what looks like a technology is just infused in a way that makes our lives better.


  • We can clearly see it in the context of an assistant, the fact we are using the same AI to make your car self-driving in a same way, right?

    私たちは、アシスタントの文脈で、同じように AI を使って車を自動運転させている事実をはっきりと見ることができますよね。

  • Or using AI to better discover drugs that can target difficult diseases.


  • So you should view it, you know, I've compared it in the past to electricity or fire, you know, so I've called it more profound than that.


  • You know, you want to think about it in that deep fundamental way.


  • And just like today, you don't think about electricity, it's there everywhere.


  • The AI will pretty much touch everything we do.

    AI は我々の行動全てに影響を与えるでしょう。

  • And, you know, it has a lot of potential to make things better.


  • There are obviously pitfalls, which we need to be careful about and make sure we tackle them.


  • I wish I could spend the whole day talking to you about AI.

    一日中 AI の話をしていたいくらいです。

  • I feel excited about the future just because of what Google is doing and Google's AI products.

    Google がやっていること、Google の AI 製品を見るだけで、未来にワクワクします。

  • So yeah, thank you for that.


  • All right, thanks, Sayles.


  • I appreciate it.


  • Take care.


AI will pretty much touch everything we do.

AI は私たちのすること全てに影響を与えるでしょう。

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