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  • Fireheart: Hey, Princess...

  • I... really need to talk to someone right now.

  • Princess: What is it?

  • You know I'm always here for you, right?

  • Fire: Yeah... it's just...

  • My apprentice, Cinderpaw,

  • Just got run over by a monster.

  • She almost died....

  • But she's alive, and-

  • One of her legs stopped working.

  • I'm really worried about her...

  • Princess: I'm really sorry to hear that.

  • You know... I have something that might cheer you up...

  • Fire: Do you think the twolegs can help her?

  • I know they might also fix her, but-

  • -if she becomes a medicine cat or elder because of her disability,

  • She couldn't have kits, anyway.

  • Princess: No, not that...

  • Fire: Then what is it?

  • Princess: Would you like my first born child?

  • Fire: W-What?!

  • My apprentice almost died,

  • and you want me to take your CHILD?!

  • Princess: Yeah! He's good at... umm...

  • ...things....

  • Fire: *noise of utter disbelief*

Fireheart: Hey, Princess...


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Fireheart gets a son

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