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  • Mahjong - a popular tabletop game from China synonymous with socializing and community.


  • In this care home in Taipei, it's now also a form of therapy.


  • The residents here all have dementia and the centuries-old tile matching game offers the mental stimulation.


  • Mahjong is a kind of cognitive training for people with dementia.


  • They need to use their brain to think, to remember and to make decision of what would be the next step.


  • Dementia is a condition which sees a decline in a person's cognitive abilities, affecting their thinking behavior and memory.


  • In Taiwan, about one in 13 people over 65 have some form of dementia.


  • Over the age of 80, that figure grows to one in five.


  • Mahjong is a complex game of strategy, skill, memory and perception.


  • Not only do you have to increase your own chances of success, but you must study your opponents moves to prevent them from winning one.


  • The game involves 144 tiles and countless possible combinations, stimulating the brain in multiple ways.


  • It's not just Mahjong on offer in this care home, there are video games, handicrafts and another favorite Taiwanese pastime, karaoke.


  • (Speaking in Chinese) Singing can awaken their old memories.

    ビデオゲーム、手工芸品、そしてもう一つのお気に入りの台湾の娯楽、カラオケあーT Ge、黄K Huan Xinと周Yo GEXの女性、Kテレビ、Ta Fugu、Kテレビヘン、ローレンTaman、Taman、TamanスイKalaがあります。OKだ。

  • We have a retro-style karaoke [system].

  • Many elderly people used to sing karaoke back in their day.

  • So we hope to set up an environment to remind them of when they used to sing karaoke.

  • In addition to offering mental and physical stimulation, care homes like these provide the elderly with valuable social time.


  • When people get older, their friends begin to pass away, and they have less contact with things.

  • When they come here they can learn things, and interact with many friends.

  • Young people like us can also talk to them, and experience new things.

  • With Taiwan expected to become a super aged society by next year, care homes like this one will play an even bigger role in making sure the elderly enter their twilight years with dignity.

  • Kris Ma and Reece Ayers for Taiwan Plus.


Mahjong - a popular tabletop game from China synonymous with socializing and community.


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