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  • Should you stretch before running? I’ve heard that stretching before running lowers

  • the risk of getting hurt and suffering from soreness afterward.

  • Yet we rarely see people stretching before they are running for their lives.

  • You see plenty of lions stretching before chasing down a meal.

  • Half of that is because theyve been napping all day.

  • Haven’t there been studies on this?

  • Theyve had medical studies on everything. A review of all the different studies on the

  • topic found that doing warm up exercises was better than stretching.

  • Warm up exercises are just stretching with momentum.

  • Balance exercises were good before you went for a jog.

  • Especially if it prevented you from falling down and getting hurt.

  • Even strength training before jogging was better than plain old stretching.

  • I’d hate to think that body builders who take a jog after an hour of weight lifting

  • are better prepared than runners who spend ten minutes stretching.

  • The body builders rarely stretch but don’t have a problem jogging. Yet the runners who

  • spend 15 minutes stretching still sometimes pull muscles or suffer soreness.

  • And that’s on top of the joint damage excessive jogging can do.

  • Maybe you need to switch to long walks.

  • Takes up too much time.

  • So get an elliptical machine. At least now you know you don’t have to waste time stretching

  • before you use it.

  • I’d hate to think that all the stretching I was doing was a waste, or even bad for me.

  • Stretching isn’t bad for you. It does improve your range of motion and flexibility.

  • So it helps me lean over to pick up the remote without throwing out my back but doesn’t

  • help me avoid muscle damage when jogging.

  • Older runners may benefit from stretching by keeping their soft tissue more elastic,

  • but younger runners are fine.

  • Except for when they try to text and run. Some of those kids are candidates for the

  • Darwin Awards.

  • Some already are. Maria Pestrikoff fell off a cliff that way.

Should you stretch before running? I’ve heard that stretching before running lowers


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ランニング前にストレッチをするべきか? (Should You Stretch Before Running?)

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