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  • What is Strawman Fallacy?

  • The Strawman Fallacy occurs when someone  misrepresents an opponent's argument to make  

  • it easier to attack or refute, rather  than addressing the actual argument.

  • This involves exaggerating, oversimplifying, or  completely fabricating aspects of the argument.

  • It's a common technique in debates  and discussions, used to undermine  

  • the opponent's position by attacking  this weaker "strawman" representation,  

  • rather than engaging with the  real issues or points being made.

  • Everyday Example:

  • Imagine a conversation about environmental policy.

  • Person A says, "I think we need stricter  regulations to protect the environment."

  • Person B responds, "So, you want to shut down all  factories and put everyone out of work?" Here,  

  • Person B is misrepresenting Person A's argument.

  • Person A suggested stricter regulationsnot the extreme measure of shutting down  

  • all factories, which is a strawman that Person  B created to attack the argument more easily.

What is Strawman Fallacy?


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What is Strawman Fallacy? Definition and example

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