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  • So it's Sunday morning, and I'm a little bit worried that I might be coming down with something.

    今日は日曜の朝で、「coming down with something」かもしれないってちょっと心配ですね。

  • In English, when you say that you are coming down with something, it means that you're not sick yet, but you're pretty sure you're going to get sick.

    英語では 「coming down with something 」と言うと、まだ病気ではないが、病気になりそうだという意味になります。

  • I have a little bit of a tickle in my throat.


  • You can probably hear it in my voice.


  • I sound a little bit gravelly, so I don't feel sick right now, but I'm pretty sure I'm coming down with something.


  • And that makes sense because something was going around at work.


  • In English, when you say something's going around when you're talking about sickness, you mean that other people have also been sick.

    英語では、病気について話すときに、「something's going around」という表現を使います。他の人も病気になったという意味です。

  • So I think I might have to call in sick tomorrow.


  • Tomorrow's Monday.


  • I have a funny feeling. If things get worse, if my symptoms get worse, I might have to call in sick and then maybe take a day off and fight off whatever I have.


  • So in this English lesson, I'll teach you a few more ways to describe being sick in English.


  • So let's talk a little bit about symptoms.


  • Symptoms are how you describe how you're feeling.


  • When we talk about the throat, we often say that we have a sore throat.

    喉について話すとき、私たちはよく「sore throat(喉が痛い)」と言います。

  • I don't have a sore throat right now, but I have a bit of a tickle in my throat, like, it feels just a little bit sore.


  • But I do know it's a little bit hard to swallow as well.

    でも、「swallow (飲み込む)」のもちょっとつらいです。

  • When you drink water or eat food, you swallow, and it's a little bit hard for me to swallow right now, which makes me think that by tomorrow I will have a sore throat.


  • I will certainly sound different.


  • I might even lose my voice tomorrow. Who knows? We'll have to see.

    明日、「lose my voice(声が出なくなる)」かもしれません。誰にも分かりませんね。

  • Also, when you describe symptoms, you might have a cough.


  • Right now, I don't really have a cough.


  • That's not one of the symptoms I have.


  • But I have been coughing just a little bit every once in a while, so certainly coughing is another symptom.


  • And then there's, of course, fever.


  • I do think I might have a bit of a fever.


  • A fever is when your body temperature is a few degrees higher than normal, one or two degrees higher than normal.


  • And fevers are kind of funny because yesterday, last night, it was really warm in our house, but I felt chilly.


  • That is one sign of a fever.


  • Even though your body temperature is higher, you can sometimes feel a little bit chilly.


  • And then also I had muscle aches, which can be another sign of fever.


  • So let's talk a little bit about symptoms of the nose and lungs.


  • Sometimes you are congested.


  • I'm a little bit congested right now.


  • I have a little bit of snot in my nose, and when I breathe, I wheeze a little bit.


  • When you wheeze, it means you can hear yourself breathing because you have a bit of fluid in your lungs.


  • When your nose is stuffed up, it means that it's full of snot.


  • And sometimes you need to blow your nose to get the snot out.

    「 blow your nose(鼻をかんで)」、鼻水を出すんです。

  • It's not a pleasant thing to have to do.


  • And sometimes you have a runny nose.

    「runny nose(鼻水が出る)」こともあります。

  • That means that on its own, the snot drips out and you have to wipe your nose every so often to get rid of it.


  • And then sometimes when you have a stuffed up nose, you will sneeze.


  • You will sneeze a lot.


  • A little different than coughing.


  • Coughing is through the mouth, sneezing is through the nose.


  • And then also you might have the sniffles.

    「the sniffles(鼻水が出る)」こともあります。

  • When you have the sniffles, sorry to make that sound.


  • It's kind of a gross sound.


  • But when you have the sniffles, it means your nose is running a little bit and you breathe in quickly to kind of, I guess bring the snot back into your nose.

    「the sniffles」する時って、鼻がちょっと垂れて、素早く息を吸い込んで、鼻水をなんとか鼻の中に戻そうとするってことですね。

  • That's kind of gross.


  • Anyways, sometimes when you're not feeling well, you have congestion, you wheeze a little bit when you breathe, and your nose is a little bit stuffed up.


  • One of your symptoms might simply be that you have a headache.


  • Your head just hurts.


  • That's a pretty common thing to have, especially if you already have a fever.


  • So hopefully you can take some medicine to get rid of that.


  • Maybe some acetaminophen or some ibuprofen.


  • I'm not sure what name brand they go by in your country, but here we call it Tylenol and Advil.


  • Those are the two most common ones.


  • So I'm kind of happy because I don't have an upset stomach.

    「upset stomach(胃もたれ)」しないからちょっと嬉しいですね。

  • When you say that you have an upset stomach, or when you say that your stomach is upset, it means that it hurts and you might throw up or you might vomit, or worse yet, you might have diarrhea.


  • That's when you go to the bathroom a lot.


  • You end up sitting on the toilet a lot.


  • I think you can imagine what's happening there.


  • So when I get sick, if I have a cold or if I have a headache, or if I have a flu or a fever, I can handle that.


  • That's okay with me.


  • But when I have an upset stomach, when I have to throw up or when I have diarrhea, I hate that. That is my least favorite way of being sick.


  • Not that anyone actually likes being sick, but certainly I would rather have a stuffed up nose than an upset stomach.


  • Well, hey, hopefully whatever I have isn't too bad, and hopefully I'm back on my feet as soon as possible.


  • Hopefully, I'm feeling 100% as soon as possible.


  • I certainly don't feel 100% now, and I have this little sneaky suspicion that this might get worse, so I'll actually post in the comments how I'm feeling when I post this video.

    確かに今は 100% 元気じゃないし、これが悪化するかもしれないという小さな疑念があります。だから、この動画を投稿するときに、コメントで実際にどんな気分かをシェアしますね。

  • Anyways, thanks for watching this English lesson about how to describe your symptoms when you're sick.


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  • I hope you have a good week. Bye.


So it's Sunday morning, and I'm a little bit worried that I might be coming down with something.

今日は日曜の朝で、「coming down with something」かもしれないってちょっと心配ですね。

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