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  • today we are celebrating the animals that  live in India it's a place we have been to  

  • before working with conservation projects hi Mom  we're in India recently we were in tadoba national  

  • park with our good friend and Wildlife expert Dr Matrishya Vyas on the search for Bengal tigers so  

  • fingers crossed we're able to see a tiger and it  wasn't long before Matrishya's tiger knowledge paid  

  • off there's an incredible tiger in this body of  water in front of us and Matrishya here knows him very  

  • well don't you and it wasn't  just rudra we saw we were lucky enough to count  

  • 12 tigers on our trip and since returning home to  the One Zoo Three Zoo we have heard encouraging news that  

  • their numbers could be on the rise so it's been  a while since we last caught up with Matrishya so  

  • we're going to give him a quick call yeah let's do  it hey how you doing Matrishya hello hello  

  • hello I hear that there's been some great news  recently about tiger numbers in India yeah yeah  

  • it is it is fantastic from Wildlife point of view  tiger numbers have grow more than 3,000 Tigers now  

  • 3,000 Tigers which is almost double the number  from the last count completed 15 years ago and  

  • here are some of Matrishya's very own awesome tiger  photos with tiger stripes all being different  

  • a bit like our fingerprints researchers could  check to make sure each animal was only counted  

  • the once while this amazing species remains  endangered it shows that conservation efforts  

  • and reconnecting tiger habitats are working  which is reason to celebrate we absolutely  

  • love the cultures and traditions in India have  you got any particular festivals that you love  

  • we love holi holi is fun Diwali on the other  hand is more religious lots of Lights involved in  

  • Diwali yeah lots of Lights Festival of lightgreat see thank you thank you Namaste thank you

today we are celebrating the animals that  live in India it's a place we have been to  


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On the ? for Bengal Tigers | One Zoo Three | CBBC

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