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The Hermes Company was founded by Thierry Hermes in 1837 in Paris as a supplier of saddles
and harnesses to a very upscale clientele.
His illustrious clients included royalty and sportsmen and sporting royals. Especially
people like Napoleon the Third and his very fashionable wife, the Empress Eugenie.
By 1879, Hermes was in business at its present location on the prestigious Faubourg Saint-Honore
in Paris.
The company has had a long list of illustrious clients, including The Duke of Windsor in
the 20th century.
Today, Hermes maintains a very exclusive clientele. People can get their purchases customized,
made to order with fine leathers and even precious metals.
Even though the riding gear makes up a very small part of their business now, the equestrian
origins of Hermes survive in a lot of their design details.
While the riding gear is really just a small part of the Hermes business, the equestrian
focus still shows up in a lot of the design details that Hermes is known for.
For example, their logo shows a horse drawn carriage. They have equestrian details on
a lot of their bags. There scarves often show horse details or riding gear.
Their classic (?) refers to a horse drawn coach. It was introduced in 1961. And Amazon
is the French word for a horsewoman. In particular, a skilled horsewoman.
The printed silk ties and scarves from Hermes are status symbols. The printed scarfs were
first introduced in 1937 with the French name carré, which just means a square. And ties
were introduced in the late 40s.
Bringing these beautiful silk objects into their product line, in addition to the fine
leathers, adds another choice for their discerning clientele.


エルメスの歴史 Hermes | Fashion Designers

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