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  • When you think about colonization, it is the strangest thing you can think about.


  • 'Cause conquering is one thing.


  • You go to another country, you take what's theirs, you want more, you take the land, you know, you take the resources, you kill the people.


  • That I understand, but colonization... I don't condone; I understand.

    だが植民地化は... 私は(征服の行為を)容赦しないけど、理解はします。

  • But colonization is strange because you go there, and you don't just take over; you then force the people to become you.


  • That is such a strange concept.


  • When you think about where the British did it...


  • I mean, they... you know, they did it in Africa, they... you know, they did it in Asia.


  • And think about in India.


  • Those cultures could not be more diametrically opposed.


  • And out of nowhere, the British just decided to roll up.


  • Imagine what the Indians must have felt like on that day.


  • Minding your own business, walking through a field.


  • The next thing you know, the British showed up on horseback.


  • "Hear ye, hear ye!"


  • "By order of her Majesty, the Queen, we have arrived!"


  • "You over there! What is the name of this land?"


  • "There's land over here? This is called 'India.'"

    「こっちに土地があるのか?これは 『インド 』と呼ばれているけど。」

  • "Well, my good man, I'm here to tell you that India is now under the British empire!"


  • "And I'm glad that I can tell you that India is exactly where it was yesterday."


  • "No, no, no, I feel you're not understanding what I'm saying. I'm letting you know that we're here to colonize you by order of the Queen."


  • "Who is the queen?'


  • 'The Queen, the Queen of England, the ruler of great Britain! She who was ordained by God."


  • "Which god?"


  • "God. The one true God."


  • "There are many gods, my friend. What is the name of your god?"


  • "There is only one God, and his name is God, and you too shall worship him!"


  • "You want me to worship a god, but you don't want to tell me his name?"


  • "What are you talking about; there are many gods, okay?"


  • "There is Shiva, there is Lakshmi, there is Hare Krishna. There are many gods."


  • "What is the name of your god?"


  • "His name is God!"


  • "You don't know the name of your god?"


  • "It's just God."


  • "Is it like mommy or daddy?"


  • "You want me to worship your god, but you don't want to tell me his name, huh?"


  • "How am I going to pray to him; what do I do?"


  • "Every morning, I go to wake up,


  • and I pray like, "Oh, dear god, dear god, I was hoping that maybe, god, you could help me..."

    「ああ、神様、神様、神様、助けてください... 」って祈るんだ。

  • "No, no, sorry, not you, other god."


  • "No, no, other god."


  • "No, no, not... Wrong god, no, god."

    「違う、違う、違う... 違う神様、違う神様だ。」

  • "I was trying to talk to other... No, no, no, you're right. I should have asked for your first name."

    「他の... いえいえ、その通りです。名前を聞くべきだったなあ。」

  • "No, no, god, no, other god, please. No, god behind that god."


  • "No, not you today, god, other god."


  • "You're right, he told me you would know who I was talking to, and I don't..."


  • "No no, other god, please."


  • "That god... No, no that god..."

    「あの神... いや、その神は...」

  • "Then I wonder why my prayers are not getting answered, ah?"


  • "How dare you speak to me like that!"


  • "Do you know who I am?"


  • "No, because you never introduced yourself."


  • "I have come here representing Great Britain!"


  • "And I have never heard of Great Britain."


  • "Who gave you that name?"


  • "Well, well, well, we did."


  • "You call yourselves 'great? Isn't that a little presumptuous?"

    「あなたたちは自分自身を 『偉大』と呼ぶの?それはちょっと思いあがりすぎではない?」

  • "Shouldn't you wait for other people to tell you how great you are, huh?"


  • "Shouldn't you just go around the world and just do good things, good things, good things,


  • then people go, "Oh my God, Britain, look how great you are!"


  • "Well, I beg to differ. I believe we could do it because we knew instinctively. We are Great Britain."


  • "Well, in that case, welcome to Great India."


  • "No, it doesn't... It doesn't work like that!"

    「違うんだ... そうはいかないんだ!」

  • "It doesn't work like that! How dare you speak to me like this?"


  • "Look, you are the one who dares to speak to me, okay?"


  • "I was here minding my own business in my land. You came over here, riding on your skinny cow, telling me that things are going to change."


  • "I don't know who you are. All I know is you are clearly crazy, okay?"


  • "You're not feeling too right. And I didn't want to say anything, but you look like you're going to faint."


  • "In fact, it looks like you died last week, okay? Something is very wrong with your skin."


  • "You're not looking good, my friend. Maybe you should come down."


  • "We have a curry; we talk about this."


  • "What are you talking about, I look quite normal!"


  • "You do not look normal, my friend."


  • "I've never seen anybody with that complexion in my life, okay?"


  • "You look like you're playing hide and seek with the sun your entire life."


  • "I don't know what is happening, but that is not how a person should look, ah?"


  • "I can see your veins pumping through your skin right now."


  • "You know how creepy that is, pumping, pumping, pumping, pumping?"


  • "If I was your doctor, I don't need x-ray machine.


  • I just go, "What is problem; it is your kidney. How do I know; because you are translucent. That is how I know."


  • "Damn you, we are going to run this country whether you like it or not!"


  • "We are not going to do anything you tell us. You're a madman."


  • "We are going to take it!


  • "You're not taking..."


  • We're going...


  • "She is all yours, take, take... You don't play nice; take."

    「彼女(インドに指す)はお前のものだ、持ってけ、持ってけ... あなたはいいことをしない、持ってけ。」

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    YouTube の無料動画ですよ。

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When you think about colonization, it is the strangest thing you can think about.


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