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  • This is Lilly, also known as Superwoman on YouTube. And as a member of the female sex,

  • she experiences her period on a monthly basis. You see, the first time I got my period, I

  • had no idea what was going on. I walked into the washroom, tra la la la la, took down my

  • underwear and I was like "What is this?" Because I never got "the talk," so I was so concerned.

  • My mind was racing. "Did I fall off my bike earlier today?" I had no idea what was going

  • on. I'm pretty sure most girls go through that denial phase where you hate it, but you

  • can't look away, so I was just like "I'm dying. I'm dying." What you may or may not realize

  • is that every single time a woman has her period, it's because her body was preparing

  • to get pregnant and have a child. You know, the act that perpetuates our entire species?

  • Yes. Every single month the female body goes through an incredibly complex and fascinating

  • transformation called the menstrual cycle. It all starts in the ovaries, which each contain

  • over 100,000 eggs. Once a month, one egg will release, which spends roughly three days making

  • its way to the uterus and while it's making its way there, the uterus begins to create

  • a lining, which is rich in nutrients and everything essential to begin life. Under the right circumstances,

  • sperm will fertilize the egg and begin pregnancy in the womb. Before this, however, female

  • ovaries increase production of the hormones estrogen and progesterone and these hormones

  • promote and maintain the special lining of the uterus. But the hormones also enter the

  • bloodstream and travel throughout the body including your brain. It's here that estrogen

  • and progesterone are thought to interfere with other chemical messengers in the brain,

  • called neurotransmitters. And this can lead to the notorious premenstrual syndrome, or

  • PMS in women. More like "period my sucks"... Science. So there's a whole bunch of chemicals

  • in my brain and they're all out of whack, messing with the mind every single month.

  • I mean, science is messing with my conscious. I'm irritable and anxious and I haven't even

  • started my period yet. Which brings up an important point: PMS is not the same thing

  • as your period, which is perhaps one of the biggest myths out there. It actually happens

  • 7-14 days before a girl even shows signs of bleeding. This is because estrogen and progesterone

  • levels peak during the creation of the uterine lining. Roughly 50-80% of women have experienced

  • some degree of physical or psychological PMS symptoms, but many aren't even aware that

  • PMS can occur so much earlier than the period as contemporary culture perpetuates the myth

  • that it's menstruation (or the period itself) that causes these hormonal changes. PMS can

  • manifest itself as psychological symptoms such as mood changes. I hate you so much,

  • but you're kind of cute at the same time, but I want to kill you. Anger. Crying. Irritability.

  • It's fine. It's fine. It's fine. It's fine. It's fine. It's fine. Or as physical symptoms

  • such as upset stomach, difficulty sleeping, nausea. One woman's PMS is not like the other,

  • which is why health professionals have trouble finding a clear understanding of how it all

  • works. Other physical changes take place as well. The amygdala in the brain, which controls

  • emotion increases its activity. We also see lower levels of the feel good chemical serotonin

  • and the neurotransmitter gaba which has anti-anxiety effects, meaning stress and anxiety run high.

  • Oh, okay, so, you're wondering why I feel this way when all this stuff is happening

  • in my body? Because I can become a hot mess and I cannot control it. It's like I want

  • to make out with you, but I also don't want you to touch me. Because like you're good

  • looking and stuff, but I also hate you. And I want lots of chocolate. And here I am thinking

  • that maybe I'm just having a bad day or I'm being crazy because it's not happening at

  • the same time as my period. But no, it could have just been PMS. But when menstruation

  • (or the period) begins, these hormone levels drop sharply. After no fertilization occurs,

  • estrogen and progesterone levels drop and the body realizes it just ain't happening.

  • As a result, it begins to literally shed the layer it had created for a potential fetus.

  • And this shedding of the membrane and mucus has nowhere to go but out, which, of course,

  • has its pitfalls as well. But this is when the really fun part starts. Because although

  • there's not the same amount of hormones raging around in my brain, now I get to push an unused

  • membrane of mucus and blood out of my system. It's honestly a lot of fun, because it causes

  • cramping and bloating and the wonderful condition of wanting to poop but not being able to.

  • Of course, when it ends, the cycle gets to start all over again, a cycle which is essential

  • for the perpetuation of our species. So if I'm having an off day, dude, just know, I'm

  • doing it for humanity. Because there's only a few consistent cycles in the universe. The

  • sun rises and sets. Tides come in and out. And my menstruation. So appreciate. That's

  • right. Women are awesome, okay? We'll be here signing autographs all night. Seriously. Without

  • the persistent nature of the menstruation cycle, our very existence as a species would

  • be completely altered. So while changes in mood may be a byproduct of this incredible

  • event, we wager it's all worth it. So thank you women, for being strong enough to put

  • up with PMS and menstruation. We owe you for this one. Be sure to check out the amazing

  • Lilly's YouTube channel iiSuperwomanii, for more hilarious videos. Seriously, she is one

  • of the funniest people on YouTube. We'll put a link in the description below. And subscribe

  • for more weekly science videos! No but for real though, like, you can get pretty crazy

  • when you're on your period. If you don't believe me, this is actually a self-portrait I did

  • while I was on my period. Nice.

This is Lilly, also known as Superwoman on YouTube. And as a member of the female sex,


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