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  • Pumas are large

  • cat-like animals which are found in America.

  • When reports came into London Zoo that a wild puma had been spotted forty-five miles south of London,

  • they were not taken seriously.

  • however

  • as the evidence began to accumulate

  • experts from the zoo felt obliged to investigate

  • for the descriptions given by people who claimed to have seen the puma were extraordinarily similar.

  • The hunt for the puma began in a small village where a woman picking blackberries saw 'a large cat' only five yards away from her.

  • it immediately ran away when she saw it

  • and experts confirmed that a puma will not attack a human being unless it is cornered.

  • the search proved difficult

  • for the puma was often observed at one place in the morning and at another place twenty miles away in the evening.

  • wherever it went

  • it left behind it a trail of dead deer and small animals like rabbits.

  • Paw prints were seen in a number of places and puma fur was found clinging to bushes.

  • Several people complained of "cat-like noises' at night and a businessman on a fishing trip saw the puma up a tree.

  • The experts were now fully convinced that the animal was a puma,

  • but where had it come from

  • As no pumas had been reported missing from any zoo in the country,

  • this one must have been in the possession of a private collector and somehow managed to escape.

  • the hunt went on for several weeks

  • but the Puma was not caught

  • It is disturbing to think that a dangerous wild animal is still at large in the quiet countryside.

Pumas are large


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A Puma at large

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