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  • Trains are running again on the section of India's rail network.


  • That was the scene of Friday's devastating crash.


  • More than 50 hours on goods trains are able to move in both directions on tracks in a vicious state after the removal of carriages badly damaged in the three way collision.


  • 275 people have died and dozens of the victims are yet to be identified.


  • Archana Shukla has been at the scene of the crash.

    AANA Chucklerは、事故現場で、回収をためらう給与明細を

  • A paycheck he hesitates to collect.


  • Goutam Das was meant to be on the same ill-fated train as his wife but stayed back to run a last minute errand.

  • "My wife's image keeps flashing before my eyes. What am I to do that my wife is gone. Money can be earned later but nothing can bring her back." Gotham tells me

    妻の姿が目の前で点滅し続ける。そんなことしてどうするんだ。 妻がいなくなった。 お金は後で稼げばいいけれど、彼女を取り戻すことはできない。

  • Family members have been gathering at the center after the government announced compensation of £1000 for the kin of the deceased.


  • For others, the painful search is still on.


  • Sifting through photos, from hospital to hospital, and now morgue to morgue.

  • Inconsolable and traumatized.

  • 22 year old Himanshu can barely speak.


  • His brother was on the train that crashed.


  • "Can I see my brother just once?" He keeps repeating.


  • At this makeshift mall, he's just one of many who don't have answers yet.


  • Ten members of Mogul Singh's family were on the train.


  • Eight found, one dead, and one still missing.


  • His family spent £450.


  • Much beyond their means to come here from another state.


  • "These photos are unrecognizable. How can we find him in this? I had never thought this would happen. Just a day before, we had so much fun." He tells me.

    この写真は認識できない。この中でどうやって彼を見つけるのか? あんなに楽しかったのに、たった1日でこんなことになるとは思いもしませんでした。

  • With limited resources to manage the dead, government has now shifted all the casualties to the capital city five hours away from here.


  • But over 180 bodies still remain unidentified.


  • Officials have started posting the photos of their bodies on government websites and have said they will start resorting to DNA identification.


  • These tracks that tell the story of loss are still being cleared.

  • Rail service has been restored on some tracks.


  • Attention has now turned to just why this disaster happened.


  • BBC News, Balasore, Orissa.

  • We can go live now to Archana Shukla, who is in the east Indian state of Odisha,

  • and extraordinary, the trains are running again in that area where the crash was such a huge crash, wasn't it so many carriages involved in such a huge area affected?

  • And of course, so many people have lost their lives.


  • Yes, absolutely.


  • It was after 50 hours of restoration work, clearing of the wreckage, removal of all the overturned coaches from the railway tracks,


  • inspections to see that if the signals along the line were working, that train services have resumed.

  • Both goods and passenger trains are now running.


  • We are standing along the line, one of the stations closer to where the accident happened.


  • And trains, just a few minutes ago, one of the passenger trains passed by one of the very first times since the train accident happened, but train services have not come up fully 100%.


  • It's still reduced services with fewer trains moving right now on the tracks.


  • Some of the clearances and wreckage still need to be moved out of the way to get all the lines back up on track.


  • But certainly, it was a massive clearing and the questions on what really caused the disaster of this scale in India, you know, the deadliest India has seen in many decades.


  • So to say preliminary investigations have said that it was the fault of the electronic signaling system while two separate railway inquiries are ongoing.


  • The railway ministry has also recommended that the country's top investigative agency, The Central Bureau of Investigation, also probes the cause of this.


  • It's still unclear why the country's top criminal investigative agency is being asked to be roped in for this investigation when railways, railway inquiries are already on.


  • But there is certainly a lot of pressure on the government on senior railway officials and the railway minister to resign,


  • taking accountability on why such an accident of this nature occurred when the government has been spending money on railway infrastructure for the last many years.

  • And there are so many distressing images in your piece that we just played just now of people who don't know about whether their loved ones survived or not.


  • It's taking a long time to identify the victims, isn't it?


  • It is.


  • And one of the bigger reasons is because the train services on this route were disrupted for three days,


  • many families of passengers who were on the affected train could not make it to the accident site.


  • They are only coming in from yesterday and even today, some families are coming in via road routes and reaching the accident spot.


  • And that's the reason, one of the reasons why claim of the bodies and identification has also taken a longer time.


  • Secondly, yesterday at the hospital where we were in Balasore close to the accident site,


  • all the casualties were being moved to Bhubaneswar, the capital city a five-hour drive where there are better mog facilities to take and manage the dead.

  • And that was creating also a lot of chaos and adding to the ordeal of family members who were reaching one place and then were being sent to another to look for their loved ones.


  • So the management of this has also not been up to as what most family members would have wanted and that's the reason why it's taking a longer time for identification as well.


  • Ok. Thank you so much, Archana Shukla there reporting for us.


Trains are running again on the section of India's rail network.


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インドの列車事故:100人以上の遺体の引き取りを待っている - BBC News (India train crash: More than 100 bodies still waiting to be claimed - BBC News)

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