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  • Spoiler: This isn’t the Final Fantasy. It was the First. There hasn’t been a final,

  • yet, despite the gnashing of teeth and widespread JRPG backlash. Hell, most people don’t even

  • know why Final Fantasy was, potentially, the Final Fantasy. So sit right back and youll

  • hear a tale, of a struggling developer and publisher of oddities like Aliens for the

  • MSX (and apparently Sigourney Weaver is the new George Orwell), the Space-Harrier-esque

  • 3-D WorldRunner, and Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki High School, which means nothing to anyone

  • not concerned with late-80’s Japanese pop idols or the earliest prehistory of dating

  • sims. Things were bad, so producer Hironobu Sakaguchi threw it all on the line in one

  • last-ditch effort to combine a popular swords-and-sorcery setting (some would call it a direct aping

  • of 1st-edition D&D) with an epic adventure. (Further note: Though it’s sometimes cited

  • as a reason for the strife leading up to Final Fantasy, the moderately-racially-insensitive

  • Square’s Tom Sawyer actually came a year after Final Fantasy II.)

  • Suffice it to say, their plan worked. Final Fantasy became a breakout hit, Square was

  • in the black again, and it’s been their MO ever since to keep the cash cow fed. Case

  • in point: Final Fantasy II landed just 365 days after the original. That’s a turnaround

  • to make even Capcom’s head spin. But the first installment in the series has never

  • been forgotten... how could it be, seeing as how it’s been ported, remade, and otherwise

  • contorted onto... the MSX2, the Wonderswan Color, the PlayStation, four different Japanese

  • mobile phone networks, the PSP, Wii Virtual Console, iOS, and double-packed with Final

  • Fantasy II on the NES, PlayStation, and GameBoy Advance.

  • Fortunately, as far as classic RPG experiences go, it’s tough to find one that held up

  • better to the years of scrutiny. More importantly, it would set the rails for the games that

  • would follow it, introducing elements like the Airship, crystals, timey-wimey shenanigans

  • (huh, bit of deja vu there) and optional superbosses like WarMech. However, certain elements - like

  • choosing immutable classes at the beginning of the game, lack of interpersonal relation

  • between your team (visThe Warriors of Light Who Just Happened To All Show Up At

  • The Same Time”), the pseudo-Vancian magic system, and class promotion - didn’t make

  • it out of this one alive (well, save for a brief revival of the magic system for the

  • Famicom version of Final Fantasy III.) Every game in the series is unique for what it does

  • and doesn’t borrow from its neighbors; it’s interesting to look back and try to understand

  • why the elements that caught on did so.

  • The plot’s familiar to several generations of gamers, if by rote alone: Garland’s stolen

  • the princess, and it’s your job as the magical dudes what just showed up to save her. You

  • do so, and learn that while that’s all well and good, fiends at every corner of the earth

  • have been wreaking havoc, and if youre the kind of heroes that can save a princess

  • from a moderately inept knight, you can certainly bash in these supernatural entities. Goes

  • without saying, of course. On the way youll meet elves, dwarves, pirates, a weird witch

  • and her backward-talking brooms, and the last resting place of Link (or Erdrick, depending

  • on which version youre playing).

  • This Final Fantasy Origins version boasts several improvements over the original, including

  • a remastered soundtrack, more elaborate sprites, redrawn backgrounds, clarifications of the

  • script (‘cuz the original was a bit dicey in places,) and a wealth of background information,

  • from a dynamically-updated bestiary to a collection of the original Yoshitaka Amano concept art.

  • I hesitate to call this the definitive edition, if only because there are so bleeding many

  • ofem, but it’s certainly a good jumping-off point. Especially seeing as how you can still

  • play it on your PS3! So convenient.

Spoiler: This isn’t the Final Fantasy. It was the First. There hasn’t been a final,


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